Cats Sign Stevie Baggs

Seems like the Eastern teams are stocking up for the final run, Argo's sign C.Armstrong, Foley and Medlock and The Cats sign Baggs, does this make the Bombers playoff hopes tougher? I don't think Foley and Medlock help out the Argo's too much, to me the inexperience of Lemon and the reciever's has caught up with them and they will be the team that will be in trouble down the stretch. Hamilton has a better team than the Argo's and they were lacking another pass rusher, now they have Baggs to fill that position, i expect the Cats to finish second.

...good signing by the cats....I always liked Baggs when he was a Bomber.....thanx to Taman he moved on...I believe he was also on the esks. roster and they dumped him....See what happens when you have mental midgets running the show.. :lol:

It was a great signing by The Cats .... Taman lost Baggs TWICE now ... :lol: Great job Brendan ... NOT

That's fine with me because we still have Two of the best in the league in Hunt and Willis :rockin:

baggs is over rated, he had one good year in a defense that allowed him to basically chase down the qb's and do nothing else.. if the ticats ask him to play contain, he's gonna get burned.

Burris disagrees with you.

Interesting signing.

No doubt Baggs has a good motor and can get after QB's. But, Marshall had him in Winnipeg and kicked him to the curb once already. He'll probably only use him in second down situations as his contain skills didn't impress Marshall before.

Cause Marshall's D was that good at containing Montreal last week... Most teams with the exception of Winnipeg were interested in Baggs.

We cut Claybrooks who's now having a great season in Calgary. Calgary cut Anwar Stewart and Keron Williams and Jim Popp said thank you very much. Toronto turfed Jonathan Brown, who made a great CFL return last week for BC.

Marshall kicking Baggs to the curb doesn't mean Marshall is stupid or Baggs is worthless. It just means that a good player was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that even a good coach isn't all-seeing and all-knowing.

Sure, but it doesn't change the fact that this particular player wasn't good enough for this particular coaches defence before.

Rarely do you see the same coach bring in the same player twice when that player wasn't 'good' enough the first time around.

So I think we can at least agree that Baggs does have to prove that last season was not a fluke and that his success then wasn't tied to the success of Chick.

Yep, nice point. For whatever reason, Baggs wasn’t a good fit in Marshall’s system, which explains why Winnipeg never contacted Baggs this time around.

And Blue Blood, I agree that Baggs still has to prove that his one good season wasn’t a fluke or due only to having Chick as the other bookend.

....hmmmmmm very interesting take.....Baggs didn't have many kind words for Chick last season....Was there more to this than meets the eye?????Was it Baggs that made Chick look good (hence Chicks' award last year) or the other way around...It'll be an interesting watch... :roll:

I don't follow how not fitting into Marshall's system has anything to do with the Bombers not contacting him.

I think Lapo, Baressi and Reed have a pretty good idea what Baggs can do and it seems obvious they didn't think he would be an upgrade to Willis or Hunt especially for the money Baggs wanted.