Cats sign small fast guy

According to Drew Edwards/Matthew Scianitti/Sara Orlesky the Cats have signed former Redskin Brandon Banks.

Good sign, at least they know what's missing, more speed.

Banks is a much better football player than Kendial Lawrence and Dexter Jackson. I don't know how significant that is, though.

He'll certainly get an opportunity to return kicks at some point, barring injury.

physically speaking, Banks is a Chris Williams clone at only 5'7 and 153 lbs.

Hopefully he is a clone on the field as well.

I am worried that he may have a tendency to miss handle the ball.It mentioned that in his profile. That is worse than

not producing good returns.

Hmmmmmm!!! So the Cats have signed a small fast guy…to replace a small fast guy(K.Lawrence)who replaced a small fast guy(T.Moore)who replaced a small fast guy(L.Lamar)who replaced a small fast guy(C.Williams)…is it just me,or do you see a trend in all this??? Ground Hog Day??? Da Je Vu??? Little Man Syndrome??? Run Forest Run!!!

A trend? No. What I see is an attempt by the team to fill an important role, given that the players we had in that role are either not available or unsuitable. Chris Williams filled that role extremely well, but has decided not to play for the team anymore. Lindsey Lamar was filling that role, but is now injured. Tavoy Moore had speed but didn't seem to have the vision or ability to change direction quickly and has been relegated to the practice roster. Kendial Lawrence seemed OK, and is still on the roster. Brandon Banks has been brought in to see if he's better, and if not, then as a backup.

And I see nothing wrong with this.

Complain we need more players, complain when they're brought in. Welcome to HAM, Brandon.

Who exactly is complaining????

Nor do I, Sorry I guess trying a little humour and parody is over someones head,but thanks for posting the obvious about all the players brought in as return men,didn’t realize how serious it’s getting in here. :lol: :slight_smile: Hopefully this time this Banks fella will finally be the one…if not…it’s batter up…next!!!

Sorry, missed that. But with all the negativity on this site, can you blame me? :oops:

To CatfaninOttawa.......... :lol: :thup: :slight_smile:

The question is can he hang onto the ball?????????????????????

We may find out soon.

Interestingly, that was the one questionable aspect of CW's play - tended to forget that defenders could catch up with him when he had to slow down to wait for blocking.

Well we won’t know until he plays. 91 yd punt return T.D. Redskins vs Bears 95 yd punt return T.D. Redskins vs Bucs 49 yd pass on option for T.D vs Pats long reception T.D. Kansas State kick return T.D Kansas State

Watching these videos,if this guy is as good as this......WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

The guy definitely has speed. He also seems to have the ability to see and take advantage of seams, although that's a bit more difficult to judge based on a selection highlight videos. Here's hoping.

Might even give Jones and Fantuz a run for their money for highest passer rating. :slight_smile:

Watching that video,also noticed that he's a southpaw!!!! :lol: You are right though,you rarely see video hi-lites of missed plays,returns for no yardage,fumbles(of which he apparently had 7 of in his last year with the Skins,leading to him being released).We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Interestingly enough,Moore,Lawrence and Lamar or any player for that matter you can usually find some sort of video of on Youtube.....and everybody looks impressive in them.