Cats sign Shivers and Poole

From the Scratching Post Blog by Drew Edwards:

"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed defensive backs Will Poole and Jason Shivers, a source with knowledge of situation tells the Spec.

The signings will be made official shortly.

Poole, 28, has played two years in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts collecting 54 tackles and one interception last season.

Shivers, 27, also played the last two campaigns with the Boatmen amassing 64 tackles and a pick last year.

Poole started at corner, halfback and safety for the 3-15 Argos last season, while Shivers is predominantly a halfback.

The signings come one day after the Ticats shipped former all-star defensive back Chris Thompson to Eskimos for Maurice Mann."


wow, the Cats are going to be a very strong team this year...

tisdale poole and shivers will round out your secondary very nicely
your recievers match up against anyones in the league, maybe even the best
you have a top tier starting QB in Glenn, with a promising young back up
Good Runningbacks in kieth and cobb
stong in the trenches
and probably the most dominant LB's in the league

an all around good to great team

Montreal is going to have some trouble with you guys this season

you guys are my favourites to win the east this year

Though you meant Roy Shivers there for a moment. Chills......

Poole has the longer resume. Time in the NFL on practice rosters. History of knee problems which may have cost him an NFL career but may have hampered mobility somewhat.

They've played CFL well but haven't really been standouts. I'm sensing a "bring in a bunch" philosophy may be at work. Hope not...

with your guys' front seven and greg marshalls sceme, you dont need elite DB's

Servicable - above avg ones will do fine, and thats what these guys are

combined with Tisdale and bradley and your front seven you will have a top rated defence...

combine that with your offence and lookout

I absolutely LOVE this signing.Shiver's and Poole are awesome and will definitely take our secondary to the next level.Thank you Obie!

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I like this signing. A bit more depth in the secondary and a more well-rounded receiving corps. It's been a productive couple of days. :thup:

I thought Poole was a safety and Shivers was at linebacker. I guess it just shows how little I care about The argos and there players.

How can these guys be so good and the boatmen of last year so very bad. :? :roll:

Poole swapped between corner, safety and halfback last season.

Because their offence was dreadful.

Their defence wasn't bad actually; just got stuck on the field way too long.

Shiver is a defensive halfback. He will replace Thompson.

Poole will replace Bo Smith at corner.

Now if only we could replace Tisdale (Middlebrooks).

Make it happen, Obie.

Tidale is not that Bad Pseudo

I'd Rather had Middel brooks then shivers. but He'll do

Are we sad now that we lost Chris whatshisname?

Tisdale was only not bad in comparison the performance of Bo Smith last year. I'll give him credit for improving, but I'll take Middlebrooks over Tisdale any day o' the week.

Poole is a pretty versatile guy since he can play CB and HB. I doubt he will see time at FS since the team with Marshall still in place is committed to putting a Canadian there.

We look to be as good or better defensively this year. Maybe a wash or minor downgrade at DB but huge upgrade at CB.

I hope the two of them playing together last year will help the revamped secondary gel alot faster. Good move O.B. :thup:

The tears are dried up now. :lol: