Cats Sign Rodriguez-like Receiver

Source: CFL Transactions, Nov. 23
Corey Surrency. 6'5", 220 and quick.
Some of his Florida State hi-lites:

Nice to know the GM is hard at work this guy got some size I like that. Thanks man :thup:

Nice to see someone else here who can push everyone else.

The young man has the size and good hands. Hopefully he will be a good fit.

Looked real good, anyone know what the suspensions were for, not the ineligibility but the other suspensions mentioned?

A long read, but it tells a lot of the Surrency story:

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This signing has Danny Mac's fingerprints all over it. Seminole alumni stick together. The video shows a big receiver with great hands. Can't wait to see him in camp. How many more sleeps till training camp? :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

This guys frickin awesome!Good luck Corey and hopefully you'll emerge from TC as a standout rookie R, kind of remind me of Fred Stamps.

Wonder why they out with this now, maybe to give the lads a little hope over the looooooong cooooold winter. :wink:

Hopefully he’s not another farooz. I’d like to see the team sign Derek Armstrong

Me too, I bet Armstrong's knee will be fine after a year off.

This guy looks good but he good be just a Body at Camp.
The Cats are going with Smaller Faster WR's with less Size.
Still I am glad to see Obie is Hunting and spotting Tallent like he allways Done.

I think you still need that 1 WR who is your deep ball catch it 8 feet in the air guy! Perhaps light a fire under P-rod's butt!

Unless AB3 Retires We have a #1 WR. They Call him Bruucee!!!!

The guy looks great!
I am wondering if his problems with the NCAA are affecting his eligibility for the NFL.
Note to you have the name of the QB from the video highlights? Maye we should be signing him too!

Ok then jump ball! its good to have 1 or 2 jump ball WR's

I've said it before and i'll say it again.This guy has Fred Stamp's written all over him, I really do hope he makes it through Obie's evaluation's and becomes a starter for us.This of this lineup:
Corey Surrency WR
Marquay McDaniel R
Dave Stala R
Arland Bruce III WR

Probably off, but you get my point :smiley: