Cats sign RB and MORE receivers

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import running back DeAndre’ Cobb as well as import receivers Aaron Fairooz, Drisan James and Marquay McDaniel.

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Outside of Fairooz, the other three will likely be showcased on returns duty for special teams. I've actually seen Cobb play, he was a decent returner at Michigan. I haven't seen the other 3 so who knows.

Is fairooz any good?

here's a clip of RB Deandre Cobb.

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Funny, cause this morning I was thinking about how we were still a little shakey at RB and WR, but with these signings I'm confident in both our RB's and WR's as well as our OL, LB's and DB's. Hell, I'll even go the extra mile here and say i'm confident with all the guys Obie's bringing to camp I can't see anywhere where we might struggle in 09. Strong coaching staff, strong OL, strong WR corps, strong RB's, strong FB's (they technically count as RB's but I don't like to consider them like that), strong DB's, strong LB's. The only real question left may not even be that big of a problem and that's the DL. With all the players we brought in, and the current starters we already have (Guillory, Adams), I think out of that huge lot we signed; lurks a monster or two, just waiting to put some QB's to the turf.

Aaron Fairooz, this guy lit us up in our pre-season game at home… with an unbelievably long TD catch of 3 yards… lmao :lol:

In all seriousness we could have another Prechae on our hands here guys and girls… Fairooz is 6’6" 218lbs yes, that means we could have twin towers on the outside with Bauman and either Chris Davis and/or David Ball(I’ve got a good feeling about this guy) on the inside plus we still have a bunch of great depth guys in Mitchell, Stala(NI), Morant, Myles, Doneff(NI), followed by the huge group of other receivers trying to make the team as well…

I’m really, really, looking forward to watching these guys battle it out in camp this year…

As some of you guys know I went to every training camp practice last year and had a thread solely to report what I seen during the day to all the fans who cant make it out to the training camps. This year will be a little different now that I work nights. I will only be able to make it to the morning practices before I have to go home and sleep. Look for a new training camp thread to be popping up soon…

Sounds excellent, can’t wait for the show to get started and get camp underway!

An interesting coincidence is that recently signed receiver David Ball and the three new receivers, Aaron Fairooz, Drisan James, and Marquay McDaniel, all attended the 2007 NFL Combine.

Ball had a quad injury and could not participate in the drills.
Fairooz ran a 40 time of 4.49 and had a 36 inch vertical jump.
James ran 40 time of 4.52 and had a 39 inch vertical jump.
McDaniel ran 40 time of 4.52 and had 33.5 inch vertical jump.

Here is a link to the 2007 NFL Combine results:

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Interesting. Are these guys from the last free agent camp? I kept hearing about the receivers at these camps, Obie was raving about them, but it took a while to see any receiver signings. Hopefully at least one of them will be an impact starter. It would be nice to get a real burner to return kicks. We don't really have a dominant returner. The Cobb clip posted here looks good. It would be nice if he turned into a Tristan Jackson (no, I'm not saying he is), but it would be nice. Wasn't Kenton Keith a returner in Saskatchewan? I know Corey Holmes was a returner but I'm sure I saw Keith break some nice returns as well. Maybe he is a possibility.

I'm definitely hoping for a good returner. That was part of the problem i 08, trying to get a guy who could average the 40 yard line on a return. Never happened, but here's to a star Kick returner in 09 :thup:

We not had a Great Kick and Punt Return Guy Since Earl Winfield.(praise his name)
I will be going to both Sections of Rookie Camp
The cobb kids has dome Wheels Can wait to see how he dose.

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look at the Clip about 3 and 12 and breaks one for 64 Yards..
Can u Image what kid can do on our Field size.

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Here is a Kickoff Return he take it to the house. 100 Yard TD!!

Drew Edwards notes we have 17 receivers singed now. Nine will attend rookie camp. A few pre-camp cuts to come next couple of days I guess.

Some guy have played in CFL so they just go to main Camp.
others are Rookies they don't count

Fairooz was a late cut of the Bombers last season. If Romby Bryant hadn't looked so good, he might have made it. Keep your eye on him.