Cats sign Palovic, LB

Cats sign last years draft pick Robert Palovic and LB James Kinney. Expect an announcement soon.

here is a bio on Kinny ... mes00.html

I am excited about Kinney. He was a candidate for the Butkus award in his senior year, also known as the best LB in college football. He has a decent list of awards and some good stats.

If Kinny can beat out Mariuz as a starter we might end up using only 1 Canadian on defence.

I think the Cats are going to be using a lot of 5 WR sets. Mariuz is legit. Something like 14 tackles in the last two games when he took over for Armour.

Kinney could be on the strong side or work towards starting on the strong side.

The line backers would be to big if they start both Mariuz and Kinney. Maybe they'll go with a 3-4, which is what Creehan specializes in.

that is what i was thinking. I think our defense is better built for the 3-4 currently with our strength at linebacker, and our good defensive ends. We just need a really big, powerful run stuffer and hopefully Obie has found one.

I've read some good things about Marcus Lewis. I am not so sure who else will plug up the hole at the other DT spot.

I know it is only a little error on his position ('LB') on the player list on the web-site, but I got a chuckle about another of our new 'Linebackers!' who would be 'too big'. On the team listing we have a 325 pound Linebacker.

I think Steve Cully will be trying for the D-line, no matter how fast he was on the track in high school.

Oskee wee wee

Look like other teams Tried him on the OL at Tackle.