Cats sign Medlock?

Dave Naylor is reporting on twitter that the Cats have signed Justin Medlock!

Great news if true!

Check out Drews blog for confimation

Great signing!!

Congi's shallow kickoffs alone forced managment to start looking elswhere never mind the missed FGs.

I'm glad to see him back. I think Bartell will be replaced by Medlock as well. We just opened up two non import roster spots and got better in the kicking game as well.

This is an awesome signing, but I would not get rid of Josh Bartel in favour of Medlock. Yes, Medlock is a great placekicker and can punt long distance, but Bartel also has a great leg and he can punt on the run which opens up a lot of potential special teams tomfoolery and tricks and is obscenely good at hitting the coffin corner. Also no offense, Medlock's performance down south did leave something to be desired and you need to have a backup kicker. All the better a non-import and I believe Bartel is on his last year of his entry contract, so he's not making big money against the cap.

NICE ! One piece of the puzzle that Ticats need to WIN a GC :thup:

1 hour ago
@TSNDaveNaylor: Kicker Justin Medlock back in CFL with Hamilton. #CFL #ticats

Have all offseason to learn how to hold for a left footed placekicker.

Yes, as we know a great kicking game can win you a game here and there, just enough to win certain games that are important. Very nice!

Very good signing. Congi will be gone... maybe to Ottawa? Bartel is a good contributor, not sure if he will be gone or retained.

Ottawa signed Setta,

Congi will be unemployed

You're right. I didn't read that thread until after posting . Glad to see Nick Setta back in the CFL. I hope he's not too rusty.

Wow!!!!!! Crazy day in Cat Country,especially if your job is kicking a football.First off,our old friend Nick Setta comes out of the witness protection programme and signs on with the Two-Colored Team from Ottawa,then if that's not enough the Cats resiggn Nicks replacement Mr.Justin Medlock aka Mr.Automatic.The only question mark is what happens to Bend it like Bartel????
I can't see the team keeping both of them,as Medlock is more than capable of doing both punting and fg duties,as well as kick-offs.Maybe we can trade Bartel to the Checkerboards in return for Delahunt,straight up!!!!! Someone else on here also mentioned that with Medlock on board,the team suddenly has 2 openings for extra Cdn back-up content,which is a definite plus,but we will lose one of our DI spots,but if Medlock wins us a game or two with his leg,than It'll be well worth it.The team
though can get that 1 DI spot back though,if we start an extra Cdn in the lineup,starting 8 instead of the minimun required 7.
Plesius comes to mind,if he can prove that he's capable of starting in the middle,than who knows???? After all J.J has been a great player here for many years,but is a pending FA who will be entering his 10th season as a pro next year.Anyway a great
signing by the team,keep em coming Austin,can't wait for Training Camp and the 2014 season!!!!! :cowboy: :thup: :thup:

This is a very pleasant surprise as I had anticipated Medlock would be attending NFL camps next summer.

Now the Cats can go for 45++ yard FG's once again.....and with confidence.

Yessssssssssssssss! Great news HOME where he belongs :thup:

You're talking two different things here. The designated imports are the (up to) three imports who are not starters and can only enter the game, aside from on special team plays, if one of the starting imports comes out. Even when starting fewer than 16 imports, there are still the same three designated imports; the fourth non-starting import (or the 16th import, if you prefer) can enter the game at any time without restriction.

So it really is just a trade-off between using a DI spot for a dual-purpose kicker / punter vs. gaining an extra roster spot. But that only works if the team has backup kicker who also plays another position, like Stala. Unfortunately this probably means Bartel will be relegated to the practice roster or possibly traded.

Even if we do lose Bartel, which I really don't want to see, I think this is a good move. I never worried about Medlock missing a field goal. Ever.

Seems ok but whats going to happen when Medlock leaves next year cause he probably will. You guys kill me Luca had a bad year no doudt about it you fools right the guy off that makes sense he was just as accurate as medlock was his in his first year also hs kickoffs were on par with every other kicker in the league so not too sure where issue was. What we really need was a better QB

He has already tried the no fun league, he is back to stay for a few years :thup:

you honestly think that the crumbs that they pay here is going to make him stay I doubt it he makes more on the pr roster look at Williams he knew where the cash is

No reason why Ottawa wouldn’t sign Congi too if only for some competition in training camp. After all, Setta hasn’t played in a while and may not work out. They’ll want to look at more than one kicker to give themselves options.