Cat's sign Matt Morencie

I'm not sure about Ball. I certainly hope Keith moves on in the off-season, as his salary would be better spent elsewhere.

HfxTC, had he been in the regular 2009 draft, Carlson was projected as a potential #1 overall pick (supplanting Rottier). Carlson is good, and was therefore worth taking in the supplemental draft.

Also keep in mind that by taking Carlson in 2009 instead of waiting for another player in 2010, the Ticats have a player who is much more familiar with their coaches, players and systems going forward than a totally brand new player.

Clearly the league needs to amend this rule. A team shouldn't be penalized (lose their draft pick) because the player wants to return to his college.

All a team has to do is pay the guy, they can keep him for 20 years if they want...

Any word about Sam Giguere and how's he doing (sorry if I missed it somewhere else)?.

A way to keep a player from being signed by another team is to suspend him like Obie did with Wladchuk (spelling?) when he decided to return to school. That keeps them the property of the team that drafted them no matter what.

You can only do that if the player agrees. (saves a roster spot) but the player has to agree.

Edmonton just did that with Kelly Campbell.

Obviously money or favours transfered hands...

True. Same rule with the IR also.

I think Carlson was a Waist of a 1st Draft pick .
There are better OLineman Coming out of NCAA who are Canadian
He was worth maybe a 3rd Tops.
He been on IR all year but as Far I know he been healthy..
So that tells me that just not able to Make switch from Collage to pro yet

None of our OL from the draft are starting material yet. Rottier only went in because he was forced to due to Dyakowski's injury. The idea was to get OL for the future to learn under Goodspeed and Gauthier and NOT be forced into action instantly. In fact Obie stated after the draft the only player from that class he expected to start for us this year was Darcy Brown on special teams. Next year is when we'll look into slotting them into the starting job, but at the moment the only Lineman I see them replacing is George Hudson for maybe Morencie or Carlson. Other then that, we'll just be prepping them as backups for now and starters for if or when Goodspeed and Gauthier leave.

Obie likely gave Wally a phone call and told him
he liked Matt Morencie and he would like to sign him

and that he would also like to get the CFL to clean up
the draft loophole Marcel Desjardins used to aquire Giffen.

IMO, Wally said okay but you owe me a favour.

Even if Wally wasn't Obie's close friend
he would have done the same thing

He knows that the CFL is a small league
and 'what goes around comes around.'

I expect, and hope, that you're right in that something along those line occurred and it wasn't just Obie doing a "Popp/Desjardins."

Apparently, the Lions cut Matt Morencie during or after training camp.

[ perhaps because he wasn't big enough to win a spot as a CFL O-linemen. ]

I remember he was projected to be a 1st round pick
but he didn't get drafted until the 3rd round

His weight had dropped well below the standard for O-linemen.

Here is the real story of what happened
after the Lancers ended their season.

Coach's son Matt Morencie signs with Ti-Cats

By Jim Parker, The Windsor Star

November 6, 2009

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...a third-round pick by the CFL's British Columbia Lions in May,

but was cut at the end of training camp and
returned to play a fifth season for the Lancers.

When the season ended, the OUA first-team
all-star in 2008 had a few offers waiting.

"British Columbia showed some interest,
so did Winnipeg and so did Hamilton,"

said Lancers head coach Mike
Morencie, who is also his father.

"Being in Ontario is big for him.

It allows us (his family) to see him play a lot."

Morencie is still working on a degree in sports management
and will remain in Windsor until he graduates in the spring.

"We've signed him and suspended him and
that way we keep his rights next season,"

Tiger-Cats' Bob O'Billovich said.

I think you need to see him play a down, or see who the Cats could have drafted before declaring this a failure.
All indications were someone was going to give up a first to get this kid. If we did not, somebody else would have.

This team just gets better and better! Good job Obbi

Good call.
I am not a GM in the CFL but I am sure we had a great draft in 2009. We will know for sure in 2-3 years when all the players are ready to play in starting roles. Only desperate teams need to start all their draft picks instead of easing them into the pro game(in my opinion).
Obie has been great since he came here.
I am sure he will aquire a first or second round pick for 2010 if he needs one. He knows better than we do.