Cat's sign Matt Morencie

Gotta like Obie...he doesn't fool around... we signed Morencie today after Windsor was knocked out of the CIS playoffs. He was a high BC draft pick and could become a good un. :cowboy:

He was one of the top OL in this years draft, well done. This is shaping up to be a pretty good looking 2010 team 8)

Flying Wildcat post on Scratching Post blog -

Although most attention is on the really big game this coming Sunday, let's take this opportunity to review Duane Ford's 2009 pre-draft analysis of Hamilton's crop of rookie Canucks.


  1. Simeon Rottier (Alberta, 6'5?, 295): could be a ratio buster at tackle

  2. Matt Morencie (Windsor, 6'2?, 290): may be the most CFL ready lineman available

  3. Zac Carlson (OT, Weber State): A projected Top 5 pick, Carlson was one of the most talked about prospects leading up to this draft


  1. Matt Carter (Acadia, 6'1?, 200): the draft's most polished receiver

  2. Darcy Brown (Saint Mary's, 6'3?, 250): may ultimately be the draft's best fullback prospect; may be overlooked as a prospect because nobody is really sure what position he'll play as a pro but, at 6'2?, 250 lbs, and gifted with good mobility and soft hands, the smart bet is that someone will find a spot for him.

Excellent post 15 Champs. I knew he was rated high but not that, we now have the top three rated OL from the draft. :cowboy:

Last year, we were all bitching and belly aching that Bob OB didn't know his ass from his elbow.

Nice to see the turnaround exhibited.

Maybe we will believe him from tim to time, and/or we have some "trade offerings" for other teams that have been outfoxed...

Not true!

Future prime Canadian beef! Obie's eyes are firmly on the horizon. :thup:

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Wow so we got first rounders Simeon Rottier, Matt Carter, Darcy Brown, projected first rounder Matt Morencie and Zac Carlson who would likely have been a first rounder had he been eligible in time. That's some crazy stuff, great work Obie :thup:

Carlson is a 1st rounder because Hamilton had to give up their 1st round pick in the 2010 draft to draft him in the dispersal draft.

He was projected as a first rounder anyways, this was a strong OL draft and he was ranked a close 3rd.

This is funny

Good work Obie!! :thup:

If you mean (funny) strange, I agree. Although no "written" rules were broken in this signing, I don't think Obie would just do this TO WALLY of all GM's, like Popp did to him a year ago with Giffen, also highly regarded 3rd rounder.

I'm happy for Morencie, he's a hard working play maker.

The Funny part one: is Obilovich is minding his store instead of crying about other teams are doing

The Funny part two: All the xperts where saying BC had the best draft. Only guy left out of those picks is Jamal Lee, who's just arrived.

The not so Funny: The Ticats gave up their mid first rounder in the very strong 2010 draft for Carlson who hasn't dressed a game and may never dress and they pickup a better prospect for noting, Bumping up all 3 Eastern Rivals up the draft board.

The future: With the arrival of Bruce, Cobb's versatility and rookie contract, Stala's steady play. There are a lot of guys who will be moving on guys like Keith, Tre Smith, Ball and Bauman will be looking for new teams in the off season.

Carlson is at least as good as any prospect in the 2010 draft, and the only reason he hasn't played yet is that, in addition to being injured, he is learning under others on our stacked O-Line. Carlson was worth sacrificing our 2010 1st round pick.

How can you say that ? You don't know who would be available when the Ticats pick.

Name the top six guys he is as good at.

Well maybe he can take Marcoux's spot on the bench...

Not surprising.
Obie said “what goes around comes around” after Desjardins poached Griffin. Nothing funny about it.

Yes it is. It is hilarious. he turns around and does the same thing to his long time friend.

I am not sure why Desjardsins is supposed to care that Obilovich poached the Lions roster but I’m sure you can think of something.

Speaking of Desjardins. I hear Bauman is heading to Montreal Feb. 1st.

How is Obie doing something he said he would do "hillarious?

Source? Crystal balls and Ouiji boards don’t count…