Cats sign LB Cornelius Anthony and release DE Charlton Keith

do I Smell a 3-4..

Yeah, it's a catch-22...if he's available he must not be good enough :wink:

Today’s Spec says Anthony can play the rush end postion, and we all know we need to improve our pass rush.

Priority number 1 as far as I’m concerned.

Yes but also Mean he can drop back from DE to LB
When Cats to Use a 3-4

Well the team has been asking the defensive ends to occasionally drop off in to zones so far this season and it looked like Keith really struggled with that, as did McKay-Loescher. So I am sure Anthony will help fill that void, well at least I hope he does.

I am beginning to think McKay-Loescher might be better suited for 2nd and long situational pass rushing.

Keep working those phones Mr. O’Billovich!

  • paul

Also, players become victims of the salary mangement system

They lose out, even though their salaries may be comparable
to players in the CFL with similar experience at their position

because their team has used up their budget on other players.

I hope Anthony puts some heat on Ray, and McKay wakes up on Friday to help him.

Its like that whitesnake song "Here we go again on our own!" :wink: