Cats sign LB Cornelius Anthony and release DE Charlton Keith

Any thoughts?

As reported right here, the Cats have added linebacker Cornelius Anthony from the Stamps and have released IMP Charlton Keith.

Good move. We are getting stomped at linebacker and have not had any pressure from Keith. I know he was ill earlier but he hasn`t shown too much since his one great game against the Stamps last year.

I guess Scott Coe didn`t impress at his workout. Anthony should help as we have had a terrible time stopping the run and dump passes.

Why are our players not good enough for us, but good enough for other teams?
ie: Dwight Anderson, Richard Kharikari, JoJuan Armour, etc…


Keith was a total flash in the pan type player. Other than 1-2 games he did nothing.

Anthony could be a good addition to our roster. 99 tackles in 28 games is pretty damn good!

There are tons of reasons why this happens, but I think a lot of people on this site only see one side of story. There are plenty of player movement in this league to AND from the Ticats.

As for the players you mentioned, Dwight Anderson left the team late last year to deal with "personal problems" and was probably lost in the shuffle of regime changes. He needed a fresh start, and that is what he got. Karikari was mediocre at best and is on his 3rd or 4th CFL team now, and the whole Armour issues has been discussed at great length and as great as some people like to think he is, a 32 year old LB with his penchant for 15 yard penalties and poor pass coverage skills, he too is on his 3rd team I believe.

Damon Allen played for what? 5 teams or so in the CFL, so seeing players move around shouldn't really be much of a shock to people.

To stay on topic though, I am glad to see Obie is being proactive and trying to address the teams weaknesses as the season rolls along. Sends the players a message too, if you don't perform, you will be out of a job.

  • paul

The 56 tackles and 8 sacks in 2007 was the thing that stood out to me.

why was he not playing elsewhere??

Maybe this means the defense is going to migrate towards more 3-4 alignments? Another import inside to help free up Zeke?

Am I grasping at straws? Maybe...

  • paul

Paul - I like that idea! NML and Patrick at End. Might give us some more flexibility in blitz packages. Besides Creehan is more a 3-4 guy anyways. What we're doing right now isn't working so lets give it a shot!

With the CFL only being an 8 team league now, there are more quality football players not able to find work due to less opportunities.

And who exactly plays nose tackle in a 3-4 defense? We don't have anything resembling a big body nose tackle on the roster. Teams will run for 300 yards in that formation without a solid nose tackle...

I am not sure on the specifics of a 3-4 defense in the CFL in terms of ideal size for each position. If I am not mistaken, doesn't Adriano Belli play the nose in the ____s 3-4 defense? At 6'5" 290lbs, he isn't exactly the prototypical size for an NFL 3-4 nose tackle. So it's hard to say. I guess it's more of a matter of ability.

And it's not like the defense can play much worse against the run. I remember watching Wes Cates and Joffrey Reynolds pretty much running free on our current 4-3 alignment. At least a 3-4 can help get some pressure on the QB, well at least I hope it can!

  • paul

novascotiakid - If I had the answer Creehan would be out of a job.
All I’m saying is the current defense isn’t creating any pressure. I think Adams could play the spot though.

I agree the current approach has been a total bust. Adams? Maybe, but he doesn't have the look. The real problem may not be technique (ie. 3-4 vs 4-3). Sadly, and yet again, we just don't seem to have the personel needed to get the job done. Zeke is taking all sorts of heat, but with the guys we have upfront, more often than not he has to guess which gap he needs to plug. The answer may well be a 3-4, but either way we need more than another LB. We need Defensive tackle help in the worst way (as Vinny pointed out a few days back, its been years since we've had a legit inside prescence).

I'm not sure the 3-4 is something you go into mid-season out of desperation.

Anthony is a solid pick-up for the linebacking corps.

Hopefully the line can improve through improvement, acquisition or prayer (ooops, sorry Rusty25).

This was a good decision to release Keith, it would have been nice if he could of been our bright spot second to NML at DE but he wasn't playing good enough, and we have plenty of people who are willing to fill the position(Kori Dickerson comes to mind).

Mike Philbrick..............

Boy we sure could use one of those tough guys we alway seemed to find back in the day. :frowning:

Man just signing with Hamilton would make them two shades tougher back in those days. :twisted: