Cats sign Import receiver

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Amarri Jackson

I like the comments, "canada can have him, never liked him" the other "training camp meat"

First Gilbert now this guy, slow down Obie lol.

More info on Jackson
IMO This kids was signed to Give Rodriguez a Run for his Job .
6'5 202

Prechae Rodriguez
6'5 208

Very Similar Builds..

Info : Scouting Report. News Stats on Bulls Site

Videos: running the 40 Running for 6 Breaks a Tacke and gets 6 46 yard Bomb,

He need to gain a Touch more Weight maybe 5 to 10 Pounds IMO ..


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Packers Fan Fourm said he runs a 4.52 so not real fast

Seeing Jackson in that skunk hat makes me think this guy just might make a good partner for P rod. :lol:

Maybe these guys are brothers, same size age and both from Florida. :lol:

P Rod and A Jack. :lol: