Cats sign Dyakowski!

Great signing by Marcel and company to get Dyakowski signed so quickly.

He played at a high level of competition for LSU last year and coming off a mini-camp with the Saints, might be able to be ready to play early this season.

This is another boost to our Canadian talent and gives us some flexibility to maybe even play four Canadians on the OL at some point.

Wounderfull News

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Very encouraging news!

I'm happy to get him signed, does anyone know how long he's signed for?

Actually I just read in the Spec it was two years plus an option.

Scott Mitchell was interviewed on CHML at half time and was asked about the length of Dyakowski's contract and he said it was 2 years plus an option. He went on to add that he and Marcel have now made it a policy that they will not sign a Canadian player to anything less than a 2 +1 as they feel it is important to develop and retain Canadian players as long as possible.

He hasn't played for us or been in camp but he's a talent. How does this affect the cuts?

One would guess that the Ticats will place Peter Dyakowski on the developmental roster until he learns the offensive system and release one non-import offensive lineman who would have otherwise been placed on the developmental roster.

bye cheron....

I like that policy. 1 year plus an option contracts frustrate me. I hate them

The system? He's not a WR, he plays on the line, he can go straight in. They need to know:
Pass block left, right, middle.
Run block, left, right middle.
Not that challenging, although I am glad he's here.

Btw, if they put him on the Practice Roster he'd be snatched up in an instant, players are not safe there. If they didn't play him, he'd be one of the 4 reserves on the active roster.

After Popp and Matthews raided the Esks' practice roster to land Ezra Landry a few years ago, the unofficial "gentlemen's agreement" between GMs was effectively tossed out the window. There's no way Dyakowski winds up on the practice roster as Miller91 correctly points out.

With Peter, to use a Zoolanderism, Desjardins, Taaffe and
Bleamer can make a fairly "edumacated" guess Peter is worth inserting into the active roster as a reserve at this point. The guy has plenty of tape and Sugar Bowl shutdown cred to indicate he can develop into a super tackle in the CFL.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Ticats are protected from losing Dyakowski whether he is on the four player reserve roster or the developmental roster. Since he is three weeks behind the rest of the team in learning Coach Taaffe's system and becoming accustomed to his teammates on the offensive line, it is unlikely that he will be seeing game action for awhile. In the meantime, the developmental roster or the reserve roster are possible options.

The practice of raiding other CFL team's developmental rosters was addressed in the new CFL Salary Management System. Notice must now by given by the team that wants to acquire the player and the team that has the player can sign him to the active roster after receiving such notice. Here is an excerpt from add-on to the January 18, 2006 CFL press release when the Salary Management System was announced:

"11. Stabilization of Practice Roster (renamed Development Roster (DR):

  • Increase from 6 to 7 players.
  • Reserved spots for: 1 non-import current Draft year, 1 non-import, and 5 imports or non-imports.
  • Clubs may acquire a DR Player from another Club via trade or written notice to the Club/League.
  • Original club has 2 days after next game to sign that DR player to a CFL Standard Player Contract
    (SPC) and immediately place the player on the Active Roster.
  • A DR player obtained pursuant to the process must remain on the new team's AR for 2 consecutive games.
  • CFLPA approval required."

Thanks for that head's up!

I'm sure if he were to be claimed in the SMS procedure just cited, the Cats would activate him quicker than one's head could spin.

Oski Wee Wee,

re-Earlier yesterday, the Ticats announced that they had signed Canadian offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski, the 11th overall selection in the 2006 Canadian college draft.

Dyakowski, who played at Louisiana State University, is a 310-pound tackle expected to make the roster when the team makes its final round of cuts today.
------IMHO-Credit the new regime-Fine- but some credit has to go to Coach Marshall for His contribution to the 5 year plan.- eH Bob-

Thanks for that TCTD. I agree Oski-Oui-Oui, he'd be active within minutes of them receiving the notice.