Cats sign Donald Washington-db from Toronto

Well it looks like the new faces just keep on coming with all the injuries incurred over T.Camp. The team has announced the signing of DB-Donald Washington a recent cut of Toronto who suited up for 3 games with them last year. Washington was a 4th round draft pick in the NFL draft and has 32 games experience over 3 seasons with the KC Chiefs. To make room for him on the roster the Cats added both Luke Tasker and Johnny Sears to their ever expanding Suspended list.

What's the problem with Sears?

Never mind Sears. What's the problem with everybody who is injured? If there is one thing that Austin hates discussing, it's injuries. The only way you ever find out is if the injury is season ending.

Sears like everyone else it seems in T.Camp apparently has an undisclosed lower(upper)? body injury. He played in the Ottawa game then sometime in between then and now got injured somehow at camp. I was at the Ottawa game and don't recall him getting injured in the game,but I could be wrong on that. It seems like our players are dropping like flies,everyday it seems like someone else is getting banged up at practice. Hopefully Sears will be able to go for the season opener. Fingers crossed !!!

When we signed him a bummer fan said he was a great player - when he plays - as he is often injured.

5 years in the CFL and only played 35 games : translation = avg of 7 gms a season dressed and healthy. avg of 11 gms a season missed due to injuries.So ya you could say often injured,but when healthy a great player.

With the signing of Washington and the placing of Sears on SL along with Murray, the Cats at the present time have 12 active dbs on the current T.Camp roster (8 imp/4 cdn). Of the 8 imports the team has 3 returnees from last season (Davis,Stewart,Gainey) 4 rookies (Brassell,Felder,Lewis,Posey)and the newly signed Washington. The 4 Cdn contingent would be starters Stephen at corner,Butler at safety and reserves Daly and King. Hopefully Murray is healthy and good to go for the season opener at his halfback spot and Sears as well but if not I can see the team keeping at best 8 or 9 dbs on the active roster. (3 imp starters/2 reserve or DI )(2 Cdn starters/2 reserve ).
So ideally looking at the situation barring any more unforeseen injury scenarios, can we might be looking at an opening day backfield something along these lines ?
CB (wide)....Courtney Stephen
CB (short)....Emmanuel Davis
HB(wide).....Brandon Stewart
HB(short).....Donald Washington
S...............Craig Butler

Ed Gainey
one of either Brassell/Posey/Felder/Lewis with the other 3 possibly PR/IL
Reserve Cdns/Specials
Neil King
Mike Daly

1 Game Injury List
Rico Murray
Johnny Sears

Thoughts ?

I think Gainey will be the starter on the short-side corner and Davis will start at half, over Washington, if Murray isn't healthy enough to go.