Cat's sign Deangelis, may be interested in Renaud

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The Cats will still need a Canadian punter in order to get the full value of the non-import DeAngelis. One possibility might be Winnipeg punter Mike Renaud, seeing at the Bombers have re-signed Alex Serna in the off-seasin and will likely want him to try doing all three. Of course, they brought in Troy Westwood to punt in the last game against Hamilton last season because they were concerned about Serna's punting and Renaud was hurt.

And to get him, the Cats might need to make a trade.

Personally, I can't see the Bomber's trading him unless the price is right.Westwood isn't getting any younger.

Renaud is a good player. If Hamilton can trade for him, great. If not, we will try to pick up the best punter in the draft.

Either way, DeAngelis is a money field goal kicker. Great signing.

Calgary may also have no choice but to cut Dales but I don't see that happening at least until the end of training camp. Huffnagel seems pissed...

Serna will not be doing both. It's obvious that punting negatively affects his FG kicking. I would be extremely surprised for him to do both.

I would agree...only if Renaud were to get hurt in game would Serna be punting...

I dunno, it's possible that we flip you guy's Ito and a draft pick, since Ito's a decent punter and kicker.Or we could wait until the possible release of Burke Dales.I'm sure Obie has a plan in place already because he said he had no interest in signing Sandro without being able to get a N/I punter.

There are some old guys out there, McCallum, Westwood and perhaps Dales shortly, don’t think it would make sense to have to trade for a NI punter this year, those guys will all likely be available.

cant see us trading Renaud, UNLESS the price is right, like an offer we cant refuse

Renaud isn't going anywhere, reason he signed an extention last season and if we trade him we would be left with Serna and LaPo knows Serna struggles when doing both kicking and punting, expect Renaud to be here for a long time!! It would take alot to pry a Canadian Punter off any team (a player of value and a pick) ... On the bright side we can trade you Westwood ... LOL ...

.....Renaud is an up and coming star in this league....NO-WAY will the Bombers part with him...especially to a divison rival... :lol: This guy can place his punts on a dime and with authority ...The cats will have to look elsewhere for their punter(good luck on that one).... :wink:...Some of these cat fans still think they're dealing with Kelly.....hey ...that circus has left town :wink:

Prepare to be fleeced, Obie-style.

you wish :wink:

Youll probably need to offer an impact rec. and a pick to even make them consider it

If you are thinking you will get more than one player- or a draft pick- for Renaud, you are crazy. We can always sign Westwood or O'Mahny or McCallum to punt, or draft a punter. Even Dave Stala can punt (he did that in university). Renaud is not Obie's only option. Keep that in mind. You don't have Obie "right where you want him." Hamilton has lots of options.

And have you ever thought that maybe Winnipeg might want to shed some salary by having one guy (Serna) do both the kicking and punting? The Bombers do have cap issues.

which is why renaud wont be going anywhere

and they have already shed lots of cap space last season... we only had cap issues because we were paying guys salary bonuses then trading or cutting them... EI Derrick Armstrong, Kevin Glenn, Dan Goodspeed, Lavarious Giles, Joe Smith ETC.

Wow ! Midget porn an it is only monday :lol:

....You mean fleeced like in the Moreno for Canada deal....give me a break :lol: :lol: :lol: You better watch-out you don't get skinned... :lol: :lol: like i said the circus has left river city... :wink:

what is that supposed to mean?

....apparently hfxtc has strange viewing habits.... :lol: :lol: ...small things amuse small........i'll let you fill in the blank :lol:


Isn't he the guy that mentioned he had to wear a cup whenever Pinball was around?

The guy we got for Moreno eventually was traded to the Argos for Bruce. And Moreno now just got bounced from his 3rd team in 3 years. Just how did Obie get fleeced there?