Cats sign DB McCollough

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It's official, Evan McCollough is a Ticat

NICE !! Ticats making some really good moves :thup:

Very glad to see 3 quality defensive signings on free agent day. If our Cats had a good D last season they would have been over 500 guaranteed.

It seems to me that Kent and his staff have a very defined plan not that last years staff did not but Kent and staff have already filled most of the obvious areas of concern from last year. On paper this team right now is at minimum 9-9 or 10-8. I like it! One thing I do not see yet is a sack master. I would like to see someone capable of 10 plus sacks a year but every team would. Freeing up Williams at Rush/D-end could make for a Monford type in theory but he has not proven that yet. Love all the Canadians as well. Got good help a db with McCoullough too. I am also hoping that our two Laval drafts from last year sign with us and not go to the NFL tryout route. They could be great on specials at the very least to start with. They may turn out to be terrific but such is every draft pick. Love Plesisus's athleticism.

My two cents,

IMO, Brandon Peguese can be a 10+ sack guy. But that's just from watching him play about 5 games here. It's a fair concern.

Don't post much in the off-season but after reading the bios of the latest three signings I have to say we have definitely gained on the defensive side. I even feel just a bit optimistic that we may actually have a fairly strong defense this season.
I also get the feeling that Mr. Austin actually has a plan and he is filling all the right spots to make it work. Can you imagine winning more games than we lose. :smiley:

"Can you imagine winning more games than we lose."

Please don't tease, LTF....LOL

Seriously, I like what I've read and seen so far. This is inching me up on the confidence bar. However, the proof will be in the win column this season.

Wow add Beasley as well. This is a very thorough restructuring of the team and the d in particular. WOW! I am impressed with every signing so far.

Great to see Austin being so aggressive in his pursuit of free agents. He also knows that defence wins championships and he's doing all he can to upgrade the D's personnel. Signing McCollough means it weakens TO's D too because they guy can play.

An Argo-Cat fan

That’s so 20th century

Didn’t like McCollough as an Argo which means I should love him as a Cat!