Cats Sign Collier - Cotton Out

You are telling me Joe Montford can’t play anymore and he is not worth $80 000 Give your head a shake at 80,000 he can help this team provide leadership on the D and put lots of extra bums in the seats wake up buddy :rockin: #53 should retire a Ticat

Ever think about something called "burned bridges"?

I think they can be rebuilt…different time…different set of circumstances…NEVER SAY NEVER…this is the CFL…that’s what I think!

I would like to see him back here and help us win another Cup or 2!

He would be really motivated :thup:

shake shake shake

still feelin the same way.

tell me cats99… if the cats can get almost 26,000 in a 29,000 seat stadium for a pre-season game… how many more seats is Joe Montford going to put in the ‘filled’ category?

i would expect near sellouts for all the games this year, will it be worth the $80,000?

Furthermore, will it help us win? I dont think we’ll be that much better off than we will be without Joe.

but feel free to disagree.

I would think this would be rather difficult to argue with.

…And No … I don’t know about - nor do I care about “burned bridges”.

As Woody has said - they can be re-built …and it looks/sounds to me like Joe has his hammer and saw ready.

As a next step, should Collier/Walker/Josue not work out, Joe would be an option.

But for now I think Katz did the right thing.

Fellow defensive end Tim Cheatwood has a sprained right knee, [b]but will likely play against the Al's. [/b]

It just doesnt make sense to me... Cotton will be back and Cheatwood may not even miss a game.. so where does Joe play? Come off the bench? No way. Id rather have Collier for depth.

I never stopped wearing my #53 sweater. PERFECT... YA HOOOooo. :rockin:

Maybe “Joe” would allow his last name to be changed to “Contford”…

You “C” ???.. then he will fit right in!!! :lol:

okay... how come i can't bold things when i quote them?

Mr Katz et al.,

I am with what seems to be the majority. Bring #53 back home to play NOW and retire as a TigerCat. He has offered to take a substantial paycut to return and as of right now we need his services and experience with Cheatwood and Cotton out of action.

He was still instrumental in helping Edmonton win the Cup last year and could be a benefit this year to us. He still has gas in his tank and in reading the article in the Spec this morning has tons of desire.

In an earlier post (I believe on the old website) the thought was put forward as to how having Montford, Cheatwood & Cotton being able to sub in and out for one another would keep our Sack attack that much fresher.

If I remember correctly the reason, we the fans were given, as the reason for the trade last year was that he would not sign a new contract. He is now willing to do so at reduced rate just to keep playing. The things that he said in leaving can easily be forgiven when you think of his shock disappointment in being traded.

The biggest part of playing sports whether it be amateur or professional is HEART and DESIRE. I don't think that anyone would disagree that he has both of those qualities in abundance plus a relentless skill to play a very tough position. Look at all of his statistics over the past couple of years and as much as he may be 35 he is still doing it, and doing it well.

After sitting through 1-17 and 0-8 last year, I am not impressed in anyway shape or form of letting people of a lesser calibre take over the DE spots when Joe is available.


I don't know about everyone else but I am getting tired of the deleted threads and locked threads !!!! This isn't 1984 Mr Orwell !!!!

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