Cats Sign Collier - Cotton Out

Did I miss this? Or has it not been reported here...

From CHML Article

Ticats lose Cotton, add Collier

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be missing one of their key defensive players for a few weeks.

Defensive end James Cotton broke his left thumb towards the end of last Saturday's game in Toronto, and will miss the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Demetrious Walker will likely replace Cotton in the starting lineup for Saturday's home opener against Montreal.

Fellow defensive end Tim Cheatwood has a sprained right knee, but will likely play against the Al's.

Cornerback Tay Cody was also not at practice today, but he had a good excuse, his wife gave birth to their third child.

Mom and baby boy are doing fine.

Hamilton has also added free agent defensive ends Anthony Collier and Steve Josue to the practice roster.

Thanks for the update, Crash.

Nice move by the Ticats to sign defensive end Anthony Collier and Steve Josue to the practice roster. If Collier can regain his 2005 form when he tied for 3rd place in the CFL with 12 quarterback sacks, he will really help the Ticats this year.

Oh crap. That is NOT good.

Congrats to Tay Cody and his wife.

You would think Montford would be a new TiCat real fast. But not in the cards. :roll:

"We want Joe!"

Thanks for the memories Joe.....

oh? this isn't a "Celebrate Joe Montford's illustrious past" Thread? damn.... sure confused me, cuz thats the only reason we should be talking about Joe Montford.

Again this will be interesting to see what happens.

[quote="3rdDown"][size=18]"We want Joe!"


I'm kinda surprized no one signed Collier as a free agent or drafted him in the dispersal draft. Is there a downside to him that I'm not aware of or was his contract to high.

From what I recall he was an impact player.


He was drafted by Edmonton in the Ottawa Renegade's dispersal draft
and the Eskimos cut him in training camp, mike619.

Thanks Ron. I missed that.

I have no idea why the Eskimos didn't keep Collier who was 3rd in sacks last year, even after missing some games. Apparently the talent we have now on the defensive line is better. But it is sort of interesting that no one picked up Collier after the esks cut him from tc...maybe his contract is big, or he's a bad influence in the dressing room. More than likely though it's a good pickup for my favourite team in the east, the ticats.(go maas go!)

Collier had 12 sacks in 13 games with Ottawa last year, as you can see if you click here. That certainly is quite impressive. But I think his salary might have been one of the main reasons Edmonton did not keep him. I believe he’s one of the former Ottawa players who, like Kyries Hebert, had contracts that made other team not want to pick him up. And that could explain why Collier went eight overall in the dispersal draft, and not sooner. (And I do understand Hebert had other issues, I was just pointing out his salary as an example of why some Ottawa players were avoided in that draft.)

Anyway, Collier could be great to have, and it does appear that Montford will have to continue to wait by the phone. But if Collier stays on the team, I have to wonder what our payroll is now.

We’ll miss you, James.
If this break heals enough to play in a couple of weeks, we’ll know what kind of warrior you are. Ouch…

A great pickup to have Collier around with injuries to Cotton and Cheat. Man I hate the injuries bug but what can you do I guess.
Keeping my fingers crossed James and for all the Cats that the injuries heal quickly.

how come this isnt posted on the Roster page. or even a healdine

Collier hasn't stepped on the practice field yet.

Congratulations are in order for CHML again.

They have been getting a lot of Scoops

finding out things in advance.


I have one solution to this problem:

Imagine sitting in the stands and hearing ladies and gentleman back in black #53 JOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....Montforddddddddddddddddddd!!!! :thup: And a sellout to boot $$$$

that would be one biggie sized mistake to keep on living in '99…

(see what i did there… lol)