Cats sign CB Deon Beasley Says team ticats and Drew Edwards reported it. I assume it's good we have a new CB along with Patrick and yesterdays signings, but what is so good about this kid? PPl seem excited but why? He has 0 picks in the past 2 seaons.

I would suggest it is depth, depth and more depth at db and perhaps Chris Williams will not be running back as many punt returns in order to focus even more on the offense but in my view in the CFL depth at DB is huge and I would assume that Orlando as a former DB sees something in him as well.

Beasley only started three games last year. He was the guy who nearly took Grant's head off last October. With him and McCollough, the Cats' defence will surely be the most penalized in the CFL. But that was true in the 60s and that was a pretty good decade in Hamilton football.

Here is the video proof of said play in October lol...

I bet Grant is sure glad they are teammates lol

That wasn't an illegal hit, this isn't the No Fun League you're allowed to do that.

Okay, but since Buck Pierce doesn't play in the No Fun League, he's not going to live past 45.

Not my fault, rules are rules.If the guy was smart and slid instead of trying to headbutt LB's maybe he'd last a little longer.

Don't get me wrong 15 Champs. We're cheering for the same team. But DBs wearing black-and-gold get flags for breathing too hard on the receivers from all other CFL teams.

According to the writeup on this very site, Beasley also did kickoff returns for Winnipeg, so perhaps that was a factor as well in his acquisition. After all, this is the last year of the contract for Chris Williams.

got this off the Winnipeg forum...Beasley tweeting on the move to the Hammer...

"RT dbeasley20: It's my pleasure to become a new member of the Hamilton Ticats...I've been waiting for a fresh start new beginning #blessed"

According to "The Killer is Me" on the Peg sight he is not deserving of being in Winnipeg and should have been cut last year so he must be no good :roll: