well im am both excited and confused by the news. this signing shows that the cats are looking to use a te h-back type player. ive always thought this addition to a cfl offence could cause problems. i am confused that it wasnt Ray Thomas. I know his injury may play into the decision but if he is better and the doctors clear him why wouldnt we want a canadian at this position instead of an american. oh well still excited to watch our offence this season too bad Ray wont be involved.

i am confused that it wasnt Ray Thomas.
He is not healthy enough to begin will but its not like he is really that good.

lol. two comments in a row that have no factual information in it. dont stop now you re on a roll.

it good news ..we Signed someone else
Ray Health is too much of an Issuie

The Ticats announced the signing of import tight end Kori Dickerson, a University of Southern California product. But Desjardins said the club hadn't made a final decision whether it will sign Hamilton native and former tight end Ray Thomas. The Wake Forest product played a season and half for the Cats before a neck injury forced him out of the game. But Thomas, who had neck surgery late last year, is hoping to mount a CFL comeback this season.

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So no official decision has been made, at least from what I've read and understood

wow good post. if they are still considering Thomas that shows a serious commitment to the te/h-back position. should be an exciting year. i guess the cats are gonna use their own doctors to assess Rays health.

Cats also drafted a TE in the draft from a U.S. college.

His bio has his stats as a senior, but Hogan referenced him having one more year left of college eligibility??

I don't the Ticats are looking a Ray Thomas now.
After Drafting a TE and Signing a FA ..

I think Rays Chances are Slim to none now.

Good to add some competition at camp! :thup: - And maybe they plan on converting a good athlete to guard or tackle?

Thinks are looking up for the Cats' offence this year. First off you've got Lumsden as starting running back with Corey Holmes likely to play a role similar to what Thomas Haskins did in Montreal when Pringle was their running back; now you add in a TE/H back and you could have one imaginative offensive package that'll have the other teams' defensive coordinators scratching their heads. Hope so, anyway!