Cats sign 5, release 1

Jacob Patek DB (I)
Matt Castelo LB (I)
Carlton Brown DB (I)
Melvin Matlock DB (I)
Desman Stephen DB (I)

Jason Nedd DB (N/I)

Looks like a good group of defensive players to compete for roster spots. I'm glad to see a LB in the group, I think having some more competition there is a good idea.

I'm sorry to see Jason Nedd released. It's always hard to see young kids go. I hope he catches on elsewhere. The team must feel Dylan Barker is ready for action, and Sandy Beveridge will no doubt continue as ST captain and a backup DB. Good for them both.

Some of these guys have some pretty decent stats. Hopefully they'll adjust to our style of game. All we need now is a little attention to the d-line and we are ready for camp!

There nice signing but would like to see a few more D-Lineman added to the roster.
IMO this is our Weak spot and really want to see it fix.

Need more D-Linemen… Sad D-Line still…

We are now wall to wall in DBs maybe some real good ones, but Ill say like others still thin on the DLine.

Re: D-line whining.

10 guys
4 starting jobs.
Guillory is a lock for one
At least one set aside for a CDN (Kirk)
Veteran Adams probably has the inside track on another spot
Probably another spot unofficially set aside for Mace.

So how many guys exactly do you want brought to camp?
What hasn't been addressed?

Other than having one set aside for Kirk I'm with you. If Mace comes he's probably got a spot.
The other end position would be the only one "up for grabs"

They must think they are bringing some tallented guys to camp or they would be signing more.

It's tough to say how "weak" this line is until they hit the field in a few weeks. Lets hope our scouts and the personelle guys did their job.

It's the CFL, Just cause all us fans haven't heard of these guys doesn't mean they can't play. Speaking for myself. A pretty big Cat/CFL supporter. I had never heard of most of the players who are "Stars" in this league before they became "Stars" in this league.

Go Cats!

Precisely. A couple of seasons ago, who had ever heard of Cam Wake?

Obie knows that the O-Line and D-Line stunk last year, and he has no doubt worked very hard to shore up those areas by signing potential impact players to try out for spots there. One or two of these arena league D-Linemen Obie signed will be all over opposing QB's all year, I predict.

Both lines were a problem last year,but i also still feel we need help on the d line, there will not be more than 1 starting cdn on the d-line if there is one.Adams and Guillory are the only knowns the rest are big question marks.Sweeps left or right are a whole lot different in the cdn game vs arena league .

Dline will be improved this year. just better coaching, and a better offence will get the D some rest for the 4th Q . IMHO the best move for the dline was putting Bekasik back there again.

There could be some talent for the DL out of those Imports signed over the off season. Without needing to drop anyone there remains to be 6 open roster sports for rookie camp. I am sure Obie has a few players in mind and maybe a spot or two will be filled for competition on the DL.

I personally would like to see another import RB come into camp out of the remaining spots.

With a title "Tiger Cats Fortify Defence" I wasn't expecting to see four defensive backs as the reason. I actually thought the secondary was ok last year. As many others continue to point out the main problem was the line. Trading Zeke didn't help anything either. I'm still expecting a promising DE to be signed as this Corey Mace guy doesn't seem to be coming here.

You're really asking for trouble aren't you?? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm always sad to see guys go who have done their best to make a contribution to the team, but Nedd had a good oportunity to make a name for himself in the secondary and didn't. He was a pretty decent ST player, but we need more than that.

As for the d-line. I can understand where Zontar is coming from in his assessment, but I have to agree with Ockham. I'd still like to see another DE signed. Get over Mace guys, if he does make an appearance it won't be for a while yet.

It looks like Obie is really cranking up the competition in the defensive secondary. I expected only one change other than Barker playing safety. Maybe there will be more. This tells me that they are not sold on the secondary as it is. I think the corners are most vulnerable right now. I think Barker is penciled in at safety already and Thompson and Tisdale are safe. Gordon is gone as far as I'm concerned. Bradley is solid but hasn't lit it up so he may be on the bubble. Maybe he won't be cut but he may be moved to nickelback if there are some ball hawks in camp. With so much competition, they should come out as a better unit.

Nobody in the secondary is safe. The competition will be intense and expect a few surprises, if not straight out of camp, within the first 4 games. It's all about performance....

Ok, I’m assuming that Thompson and Tisdale perform like they did last year. Yes it is about performance I agree. But nobody is going to knock Chris Thompson out of his spot. You can take that to the bank. :rockin:

Tisdale only played near the end of the season but he was sensational in pass coverage. If he plays like that again, it’s going to be hard to find a rookie to knock him out. These guys are top drawer. They have pretty much coronated Barker as the starting safety. That’s what I base my opinion on. I think the competition will be at corner and I hope we do find a couple of surprises. The secondary will be strong.

I'll agree with that. Thompson was a real star last season...........he and Knowlton I think were real upgrades obtained last year.

Your the main whiner on this site dude.