Cats sign 5 more

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import defensive linemen Demonte’ Bolden, Justin Hickman and Dexter Manley II as well as defensive backs Chris Davis and Olukayode Oredugba.

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Three D Linemen is just want camp needed. I'll refrain from my critique now.

Plus another two defensive many does that make now? Maybe they should have their own camp?

That's good, a no longer have any worries about the D-line and our DB's were good last year, now we could have 1 of the top secondaries in the CFL.

Did we sign another guy named Chris Davis or will we have the only "old school" playing both sides of the ball ironman?

no we really signed another guy named Chris Davis lol. woo! Dexter Manley II is the son of THE Dexter Manley, former NFL and CFL great at the DE spot, 2x pro bowler, 1 of the 70 greatest all time Redskins. hopefully some of that rubbed off onto his son.

And as long as all the negative Manley baggage didn't rub off.

Would I be a horrible person if I said I don't care as long as he can play?? :smiley: :lol:

Chris Davis is intriguing…solid resume.

Played four years (2004-07) at Duke…recorded 171.5 tackles (112 solo), two quarterback sacks, 5.5 tackles for a loss, two fumble recoveries, 12 pass knockdowns and one interception…returned 36 punts for 206 yards and 40 kickoffs for 941 yards and a touchdown…played 45 games…was a three-year starter.

Yes, yes you would... lol

Quantity does not necessarily equal quality. Our roster was full of new signings last year and we didn’t win any more games.

Perhaps, and welcome to the club.....Just win Baby.....unless it becomes a problem to the city!!!

Some of Manley's baggage was that he graduated university but could not read.

Finally some More Dlineman Hope Dexters Boy plays well

Well, there should be plenty of competition for the defensive line now. There are realistically only two spots on the D-line that are up for grabs, unless a Cam Wake shows up and blows the competition away. So, they should be able to find a couple quality guys.

I wouldn't put too much stock in the son of a former NFL great, and CFL-not-so-great. He is not his father, he has to earn his own keep. I don't want to put too much stock in stats but they do tell something. Look at Jr. Manley's college stats in the story. Maybe he didn't play much, maybe he was injured for two seasons, who knows, but he seems like the most unlikely candidate to make an impact from what I read. If he does, great, but don't get excited about him because of his name.

That is more the university's baggage. Manley's choice in drug use is his baggage.

Anyway, I don't think any assumes Junior will automatically be a chip off the old block. Nor do I believe TiCat coaching staff will care about the name on his jersey

Cheesegod, your glass is always half full isn't it!!!!

Ok let me clarify something. Who do you think's reponsible for helping bring Cam Wake and Aaron Hunt to BC? Why that would be Obie! Obie personally scouted each of these players (the ones we signed this off-season) in the USA camps and liked what he saw (as he did with Wake and Hunt). I'm sure Obie's no pushover that just signs at random, or because some guy told him to. There are realistically 2 spots on the line to fill, and 4-5 backups. We have I think 11 or 12 defensive players that will be competing for the starting job. Of those Matt Kirk will almost definitely make second string, as will Jermaine Reid. The rest will battle it out for the top 2 spots and the other 2-3 spots as backup. Obie doesn't sign pushovers, there WILL be alot of competition on the DL at camp and we will likely get a star or two out of that bunch. That's why I don't have anymore concerns with the DL. This IS NOT last year, Obie is not coming in and expected to fix the team in one off-season, he's broken in the shoes and has the team HE built this year, not 3/4 Marcel Desjardins, 1/4 Obie like last year. He was under tremendous pressure to fix the team in just a few months, obviously there were going to be a few mistakes, plus there were so many holes and you can only patch so many. Now there likely won't be any holes. I'm set for 09, and the Cats will be soon too. Give the team a chance before you shoot them into the dirt.

Why exactly would this be?

Check out the Dexter Manley vid. He looks very quick. Wonder if he can victimize Goodspeed in TC?

And Chase Clement, who we just signed, has a ton of records playing for Rice. Can't wait to see him compete for a spot on our team.

Have to agree man he get around The Conner Quick .. Kid is Fast ..
Let see how dose vs our new Line