Cats sign 3 release 4

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has added three import linebackers to the roster. James Hargrave, Lamar Myles and Corey Smith will take part in the team's training camp in June.

Hargrave, a 6-0, 240-pound native of Pleasantville, New Jersey, earned First-Team All-Big East honours in 2005 at UConn. He played four seasons (2002-05) with the Huskies, recording 270 defensive tackles (177 solo), 15 quarterback sacks, 43 tackles for losses and two interceptions in 46 games. The 27-year-old attended training camp with the NFL’s Detroit Lions in 2006 and 2007 and also helped NFL Europe’s Hamburg Sea Devils win the 2007 World Bowl.

Myles, a 5-11, 230-pound native of Winter Haven, Florida spent time on the practice roster of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and St. Louis Rams in 2008 after finishing his collegiate career at Louisville. In three seasons at Louisville, Myles made 196 tackles (123 solo), 9.5 tackles for losses, two quarterback sacks, three fumble recoveries and seven forced fumbles. He is 24.

Smith, a 6-1, 225-pound native of Salem, New Jersey attended training camp with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs in 2009. The 23-year-old played four years (2005-08) at Cincinnati, where he registered 265 tackles (138 solo), 31 tackles for losses, 6.5 quarterback sacks, three forced fumbles, three interceptions and one blocked kick in 47 games with the Bearcats.

The Ticats also announced that the team has released import receiver David Ball, import defensive lineman Montez Murphy, non-import fullback Robert Pavlovic and import defensive back Lamont Reid.

I guess they liked Darcy Brown enough to chop Pavlovic.

Must be, Sadeghian isn't that fantastic.

I expected a lot more from Ball as a tough posession receiver. His injury, and other factors perhaps, meant that we may never have seen him play at his best and now the team is going in another direction. Anyone out there know why the coaching staff never seemed to have confidence in this guy? From his college reputation he always exceeded expectations once he got onto the field.

I have seen Hargrave play in NFL Europe. Pretty decent speed for a shorter stocky guy. He very well could end up taking Haley's role who was traded to BC for a DB.

Releasing Pavlovic tells me that the backup long snapper may be Morrencie. :o

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Ball's release is directly attributed to the additions of Arland Bruce (import) and the development and potential with Drisan James and Marquay McDaniel. I believe Obie wants to have a look at at least 2 import WR's from his FA camps who are real burners....Ball is not fast, but sure handed. We already have that in Dave Stala.

Anyone who knows Obie knows, if you can run like a gazelle, he will try have a better look at you in camp or at least see if you can develop. I think Obie knows what he had with Ball and would rather have someone faster on the practice squad.

I was never really in love with Pavlovic. Brown is a way better athlete and has more potential. REID and Murphy were not surprises.

Is training camp here yet....sigh...


If Ball was fast we would have seen him by now.

It's possible they made a mistake with Ball, had Caulley and Trey Smith stayed healthy Cobb might have stayed on the practice roster all year and been the guy cut right now. Obviously he was our best back coming out of camp but for whatever reason Marcel didnt see it, so if he made that mistake he very well could have made plenty of evaluation errors.

All three linebackers played at big schools and put up good stats.....

I didn't manage to get to many pre season practices last year, but when I did, David Ball looked like one of the best
receivers on the field. While he doesn't have blazing speed, I thought he out played most of his competition.

My guess is that he remains injured. This coupled with his lack of speed meant the parting of the ways for David Ball.

Very true.These LB's look promising and will make good depth.Hopefully stop a pre-season shut out again (not that it matters), and help us on ST and maybe rotate as starters.We'll see I guess.

Let me try being like a Bomber fan for a sec just for fun :lol:

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a shame about Ball. The dude broke a bunch of Jerry Rice's records in college and he still can't seem to get on the field. Maybe one day he'll make it and the team will regret cutting him. Good luck to him in the future.

When I spoke to him last year .
I was not sure he'd every be on the active roster
He just Go to the UFL now

Myles and Smith are both freakish looking....crazy arms on these dudes....Hargraves looks a little taller and leaner....but Myles looks like a friggin animal....His neck is just jacked.....HAHAHA....I love it when Obie brings in guys like this cuz you know they can just ball...Hopefully, Otis, Jamal, and Markeith teach them a few things in the attitude department to keep the ball rolling with mad men for linebackers.......

Good luck to these guys. I really liked Pavlovic. There was a time when he was our biggest offensive threat :lol:

I hate cuts, but it's the nature of the business. I think the injury to Ball was it for him. He looked good in camp, but you have to stay healthy to compete for a spot.

James Hargrave has Some Talent I watch Him play with Lions..
But he undersized for a NFL Linebacker for the CFL Game he'll be a Nice fit
Can't wait to see how these 3 do at Camp

Seeing Pav and Ball go is something that I don't really like to read. I thought they were both pretty good. Nice to see we have more depth at LB now, though. Perhaps one of these guys will replace Floyd after he retires?