Cats sign 1 and release 2

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The #Ticats have added WR Joe Anderson to their practice roster and have released DT Terrence Moore & RB Jeff Scott. Staff

[b]The Tiger-Cats have added international receiver Joe Anderson to their practice roster, the team announced today.

Anderson, a 6-1, 195-pound native of Texarkana, Texas, spent time with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears after finishing his collegiate career at Texas Southern. In three seasons with the Tigers, Anderson caught 154 passes for 2,010 yards and 13 touchdowns.

The Ticats also announced that international defensive tackle Terrence Moore and international running back Jeff Scott have been released.[/b]

Scott was just signed a couple of weeks ago so obviously didn't do much to impress. I don't even remember the last time Moore was on the field and the DL has certainly shown enough dominance lately with those who have been playing so that he probably won't be missed. Adding WR depth doesn't hurt. Wondering if it has anything to do with the nasty hit that Ellingson took on Saturday night. I hope that he is OK.

The Cats certainly lack a receiver with the speed and hands to strectch the field vertically. I was wondering if McDuffie can play slot or wideout. I would like to see the fastest and most competent players on the field at the same time. With Chad Kackert ready to return to action for the Arblows, could the Cats get Steele or perhaps Slayton on their rooster.

He dressed as a backup in games 2,3, & 4 before being replaced by Hall and has spent the last 2 months on the Injured (or not) List. Maybe Gaydosh will now claim his old Dinos’ #93.

He dressed for Games 2, 3 & 4 before losing his spot to Hall, and has spent the past 2 months on the Injured (or not) List. Maybe Gaydosh will now choose to claim his old Dinos’ #93.

Ellingson arrived for practice this morning at THF in full practice gear including helmet. He seemed to be walking fine and ready to go. Good sign IMO.

Thanks - good to know since there was nothing mentioned on the Scratching Post tweet feed about him although Milton, who appeared to be covering practice today, mentioned a few others who were not on the field. Suspect that some might be taking a “maintenance” day to further heal. Not quite half way through the home stretch yet - and THEN there are the playoffs!

Interesting to also note that the current roster shows only 44 on the active and shows both Banks and Caldwell listed on the 1 gm IL. I don't recall Banks getting injured in the Winnipeg game and Caldwell didn't even dress being one of the 2 man reserve along with Davis. Has anybody else heard of Banks not practicing today or is this maybe another version of Austin Roster manipulation 101 course ? Anybody with any news,please fill me and everybody else in on if Banks is indeed hurt or just in limbo until Austin figures out his roster for this weeks game.
8) I did notice Banks limping off the field at one point late in the last game.
  There are also several players not participating in practice today, according to the scratching post.

   Seems to be a lot of banged up guys after that tough game in Winnipeg !!

Good eye, picking up those roster moves, bobo8224. They're very strange, at this point in the week, and it's hard to imagine somebody hit enough wrong keys to make them happen by accident.

The roster just before the Winnipeg game listed the same 44 players. Both Banks and Caldwell were both shown as being on the injured list. Whoever updates the roster after the depth chart has been released just forgot to add Banks and Caldwell. Therefore, no injuries to those two players.

Don’t forget about Terrell Sinkfield. If Ellingson isn’t good to go against the Lions, I hope they dress Sinkfield.

If you looked at the roster then, and know that’s the way it was, we can accept that explanation. However, while Caldwell was an addition to the 46-man roster for the WPG game, Banks was not. He would have been on the active roster from the previous game.

Somebody in the shop has been reading this thread. They've fixed things up with Banks and Caldwell on the 46 as they were, in reality, and should have been on the roster listing, for the last game.