Cats should trade/cut Radlein!

Get Real, whoever started this thread. You should be ashamed of yourself for wasting time like this. The guy makes ONE mistake and hes outta here. This sint a Quarterback. Hes one of, if not the best Fullback in this league. Cutting him would get us nothing, we have no valid replacement. Dickerson is a Tightend, despite being listed as a fullback. Get your head on straight

I started this thread, and if i’m wasting your time then you shouldn’t have posted!

Radlein may be 1 of the best blocking FB in the league. But he aint the whole package.

Time will tell.

Other than the one pass that was over his head ,across his back shoulder , directly in line with the sun...why else ( based on his performance last weekend ) should he be cut?

or is that it?

Friday night I was thinking Radlein looked better than at any time since his knee injury. I find this post confusing.

Julian dropped a pass in the sun and over his head.Lumsden missed a ball three feet behind him on a crossing pattern. Ralph jumped high to grab a late throw in the endzone which he subsequently fumbled for a Calgary touchdown. All three passes were well off the mark and thrown by the same quarterback.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I think he proved you wrong before you even started this thread, so I doubt you will admit you are wrong in your assesment.

How many passes does he have to catch in a row for you to "admit your wrong"

I thought that pass was a bit over his head to be considered an easy catch.

I would have liked him to catch the ball of course.

Julian does a lot of things well, so I'll cut him a bit of slack for not making that catch.

It would have been inhuman or purely lucky for him to have caught the ball which was directly in line with the setting sun.

Had he made the reception, it was a good bet he would have easily ran it into the end zone with no more than minimal contact with a DB. This play and the Anderson block from behind that pinned the Cats on the 2 fundamentally changed the outcome of this game.

Radelin made two great plays on the swing passes and bowled over defenders. I like Dickerson too but he also dropped a ball near the sidelines that would have resulted in a first down. I could be wrong but when he came to camp he was a WR and they turned him into a fullback. I’m giving Radelin the benefit of the doubt on the pass near the end zone it look like it came out of Maas’s hand a bit weird and seemed to be tailing away from Radelin. It would have been a great catch.

Who trades for a fullback? They aren't exactly hot commodities because the fullback position is a dying breed. Plus, if we just cut the guy, where would that get us? We'd have to go get another fullback. So trading him or cutting him is out of the question.

I have a question though, why were we throwing him the ball so much? He's never been a great receiver yet he got more passes thrown his way than most of our receivers, I don't get that.

Radlein is best used as a blocking back and as a guy who can convert short yardage situations. Sure, throw him the odd pass to confuse the defence, but don't expect the guy to be an all-star receiver.

A smart QB runs that play to the other side of the field - no sun - and it sure looked like a tough sun.

And Julien makes the catch.

Based on what he did then we should cut the whole team. Keep him ,he is worth it.

What's with the Radlein bashers? That pass should have been thrown to the other side of the field so the sun wouldn't have been in his eyes. Seems he did make another nice catch for good yardage? And he is good for short yardage.

Buddy , the OC is calling the plays !!!!!

That's what I was going to mention. Unlike the one Radlein dropped, the pass to Dickerson was an easy one. I recall either Lee or Walby saying that Maas did not make it easy for Radlein to catch that pass, and I have to agree with them that time. And he did catch another two passes that game, didn't he? And you had to like how he gained that extra yardage after that first catch.

Even if he can't catch passes that well, that may not matter, depending on how he'll be utilized. Fullbacks don't tend to get many receiving yards, do they? And I did think he might not be utilized as much with Lumsden and Holmes being on the team. But Taaffe seems to want him on the team, and again, I'll trust his judgement.

ask troy davis what he thinks of rads. he is a great blocker and that's how he should be used. although he lacks the hands i still want to see him rumble over db's a few times a game.

Wow he can now read, drive a bus and play terriable football!Man he is a talanted guy!