Cats should trade/cut Radlein!

The guy still can't catch a football. His TD would have been huge if he held onto it. Would have been a totally different outcome. Thats how one play can totally cost you momentum and the game.

Kori Dickerson should replace radlein. So rad can block but he is useless to us if he's afraid to catch a football.

year in year out the guy's on the team and does squat except block. look at the rookie last night for calgary. the guy comes right outta highschool. Made a couple of huge plays for the stamps and kept the momentum in their corner.

OK the pass Radlein missed was WAY overthrown and at least 3 feet over his head and he still made a good for the TD I dont remember that I must have missed it, but he is usually very able to punch the ball past the goal line...and as for Kori Dickerson I dont think his skills are anywhere near that of Julian Radlein's, and hes only been in this league for a few months...and to suggest we cut a proven starter (a fullback no less) after one bad game in which the whole team under performed is just stupid...I think I speak for most people here when I say this:Radlein should be in Steel Town for many years to come!!!

What touchdown Stryka?
The one pass that he dropped is a tough pass to catch at the best of times let alone directly into the sun.
His play last night was fine.

didn't you already post this in another topic???
Just like to see your name in lights or you have a personal problem with Julian?

radlein did awsome, hes a great fullback not receiver, he makes good holes and is key on short yardage, dont push it.

Sorry guys but i have to agree with stryka, that Radlein should have brought that ball in!!!

At this level you can't be on dimensional. Yes he is a back, but Lumsden and Holmes caught a few balls last night!!!!!!

Radlein has disappointed us many times in the past and will do so a lot more this year too!!!

Oh .....and that ball Maas threw to him was NOT over thrown, in the sun.....yes.......but Radlein has to make that catch!!!!!!!! he is a pro!!

Talk to Nate Curry about an over thrown ball and he still pulls it in!!!!!!!

Cheers till game day!!!!!

how the heII can you catch a ball you can't see?
"He's a pro"
What does that have to do with it?
He can't see it!!!
Perhaps he should have brought his welding goggles with him just in case?

Are you Crazy Radlein was one better players in Calgary..

He dropped a ball he should (could) have caught. He didn't. Once in awhile that happens. When it happens once in awhile to a guy like Radelin, you don't cut or trade him. It is a tough catch looking into the sun.

Julian has been a stellar FB for a long time and I believe, based on Friday, that his workload is going to increase this year.

Anyone who thinks that because Julian missed ONE catch where he was looking straight into the sun is simply COMPLETELY incorrect. Did you entirely miss the two passes he caught, taking one for 36 yards after the catch?? Did you miss the blocks he made that allowed Jesse to pick up a lot of the yardage he picked up?

I don't understand what the vendetta against Julian is, because it can't have anything to do with his abilities or performance in Saturday's game. He was one of our better performers on the field.

.... :lol:
Well it's good to see the 1st game post op from all the wise folks that visit this site.
.....speaking of Yuk Yuk's....they're hiring, to most of you, don't quit your day jobs.


I guess you forgot about the second down he single handedly converted by catching a 3 yard pass and having to bust through a couple of tacklers to get the first down. If he doesn't make that play we wouldn't have even had that field goal try on that drive.

imho- :lol: – seriously- Rads has dropped some passes before, ive noticed they were All on his left side,. - That pass he dropped last game, was not a very catch easy pass it was wobbling, not a spiral, it was thrown At his head , not over and not leading the reciever, and it was in the sun, we can play the blame game, but it was a nice drive until then.The ticats backfield is possibly the best in the cfl, :rockin:

I guess you were not at the preseason opener when Kori dropped an even easier ball than the one that Julian missed.

Julian had a great night, especially with Jesse on the field quite a bit.

Radelin was great on those swing passes and even the TSN panel said they should of gone back to that play way more often .

I think he's lost some weight, he looks like he is in much better shape than last year.

I thought he played well.

Good post, Crash. In 2006, Julian Radlein was coming off a serious knee injury and was almost exclusively used as a blocking fullback and third down short yardage runner. He does seem to be in better shape and faster than he was last year. This will enable Coach Taaffe to utilize Radlein more often and in more ways this year.

wait to week 3 or 4 after radlein has dropped ? catchable balls.

And if he proves me wrong i'll be the first to admit it!

I find it funny that so many are saying that the ball was hard to catch because of the sun.I know the announcers said he had sun in his eyes.How did they know?Wasn't there sun when other players were receiving?

have you ever looked directly into the sun?

If you had actually watched the game, or played it , you would have noticed that the ball was thrown inline with the setting sun.But since you didn't watch the game, then you wouldn't know that. :wink: