Cats sent message

....seem like all of the crap the media was throwing out there about how the Cats were so superior have found the b.s. bucket...Don't ever under-estimate a qb. like Pierce....He showed why he was the best qb. on the field for both teams....and a huge difference maker....Gee ...look at that .....we're in first place :lol: :lol: stole my thunder! Somewhere in the Ticat forum On in Two said this would be a statement game...I wonder what he thinks the statement is?!?

SWEET JESUS it's nice to have a quarterback again!!!!


How about that Dline tonight???

THEY sent a message...gonna be fun to watch Hunt and Willis this season...

.....d line was fantastic....they showed the way...and Buck mopped them-up :wink:

I was really impressed with our db's, especially alex Suber, he shut down Arland Bruce all game and he only caught one pass til the second half! :thup:

And Ian Logan had a great game. He was excellent helping Suber with the coverage on Bruce and then came up big when Glover went down.

Yup...the D as a whole was a lot better then I was expecting. SOLID...

502 Yards of offense tonight!!! Geeze...didn't see that coming...


....message for Floyd.........heh Otis....the boat ride is over..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It was fun watching Logan literally warp around the entire field tonight. He reads most plays nicely, and for such a big guy, he can really hustle.

Also very nice to see Mike Renaud back onto the field. Love the way that kid plays. Boots a punt and then zips it down the field to get in on the action.

Well, the Cats sent a message, and the Bombers responded in kind. They took it too the Cats from the very begining of the game, and left with a huge win.

I am sure Cat supporters will not want to look at the standings tomorrow. Question: Which team is in first place? Answer: That would be the BLUE BOMBERS!

An American fan of the Bombers Living in Southern California...


Great game guys, you are full marks for that victory.

The one outstanding facet of that match that will remain with me was how Philip Hunt just owned that Rottier kid all game. Were I to have been on the Hamilton coaching staff, no matter who I had as a backup, he would have been playing RT and Rottier would have been nailed to the bench by half way through the second quarter.

The problem as I see it is trying to figure out is Hunt that great, or is Rottier that brutal at tackle?

Probably, as usual, it's a bit of both.

Thanks Madjack.... I dont think Rottier is that bad... I think if they put there back up in, it would have just been unneeded punishment for Glenn.

I honestly didnt think we would get that many sacks, Glenn has a very quick release so I was suprised.

Bomber Fans knew we were a QB and a good Coach with a real playbook away from being a good team, but nobody wanted to believe us. probably still dont... lets keep it up BLUE

Fantastic game, you guys were right in your assessment of the team and the Bombers are only going to get better. Seems like the Refs didn't catch that a game was being played til the second half , and even then they missed some calls. Two great games this early in the season and people wonder why I love CFL !!

Congrats to Coach Lapolice on his first win as a HC. Nice to see there will be some competition in the East for the first time in years. :thup:

Not only did the Bombers send a message to the Cats- they sent a message to the entire league. What a performance! It was great to see Pierce playing at the top of his game. For a QB to contribute 96 of his own yards rushing is incredible. The guy is fearless and he plays with heart. I'm glad he was able to play the entire game injury free. Glenn is no slouch himself and the Cats are a much improved team but the score speaks for itself.

Well done Bombers!

The rest of the league is being sent the same message, as beaglehound mentioned...the Bombers will be a force this year...don't underestimate them, or they will blow teams out of the water.

What a nice way to cap off a week at the lake.

Another opportunity to knock off an eastern opponent next week with the Argos coming to town, I'm starting to like this schedule.

Congratulations Bombers on a great victory. Consider us knocked down a few pegs (no pun intended). :wink: :thup:

I for one would hope Pierce would not start thinking he is our running back. If we were trailing by 5 points and there were only 3 minutes left in the game, then fine but when we are comfortably ahead there is not much point in exposing himself to a possible injury. However, it sure was sweet to watch a real quarterback play.

....thanx you're a true sport....I know we'll have to get better in a few departments, to pull out a win the hammer...I think you'll be a little snarley after that one...Should be a great game... :wink: :thup: