Cat's secret weapon.....Eddie Cohen

From the little I’ve seen from Eddie Cohen thus far, it’s been enough to impress me. This kid catches anything thrown his way and has great speed to boot.
He…in my estimation…will be a star in Hamilton. :cowboy:

well there hasn't been to many things thrown his way so far this season but i agree with you, the guy has potential :thup:


I think the Tigercat Family will appreciate Eddie Cohen as a wide receiver; he's also a really nice, laid-back guy...WE MISS HIM VERY MUCH AT WESTERN CAROLINA!!

at Western Carolina:

--horrible program that went through 3 offensive coordinators in his 4 years of playing.

--1st team all Southern conference, 2nd team All-American his senior season...Southern Conference is one of the most competitive conferences in the FCS (See Appalachian State).

--39.5 inch vert, sure-handed and notorious for high YAC numbers. Exceptional speed...often times faster than the linebackers and stronger than the defensive backs.

--has a degree in Business Law. Great competitor, cool teammate and a genuinely nice guy.

Nice guy? Well, then we don't need him, just want guys that are loud mouthed, obnoxious, peeve off all their teammates etc.

Just kidding, thanks for the info tye, I hope it works out well for him here and for us having him here. :thup: