....Cats Rumored to .................?

...I've heard that there may be some "news" regarding the TiCats to come out mid year.
While the individual I spoke with did not elaborate he is certain (placed a gentleman's bet) that we will all find out an interesting tidbit mid season........the question remains.....What will it be? :cowboy:

....Cats Rumored to .................?- be moving to N Y city , as did Hamilton,s nhl franchise? :wink:

…be bringing in SteelTiger to be Marcel’s new right-hand man.

Scoring more than 3 touchdowns by mid season?

New stadium

A win............... :oops:

I hope it isn’t the rumor of Bob selling the team.


I know bob would'nt sell the team hes doing a good job,and you got to remember he helped saved this team and brought back the fun at ivour wynne,and this year will be even funner,with new coaches ,new gm ,and some good skilled players.

Join the NFL and Move to Toronto

and this year will be even [i][u]funn[b]i[/b]er[/u][/i],with new coaches ,new gm ,and some good skilled players.
fixed that for ya :lol:

seeing as it's been declared a 'mid-season' announcement, it has to be something positive. Anything negative could bring unwaranted distractions and mess up the season. Bob selling the team falls in this category.

that the cats will miss the playoffs again.

gotta be a new stadium or something.... maybe retro uniforms...

Thats all you got Catattack1???

Let's see, using the word 'tidbit' suggests it isn't a real important announcement so I'll guess that it could be along the lines of putting new lights in some of the bathrooms at the stadium in the off-season. :wink:

"Maybe"... "did not elaborate"....."tidbit"???
I think you need more than this to even start a rumour. Who is this "gentleman" and is he in any position to make such a specious prediction?
Until we know I'll settle for the prediction by "Halfthedistance". That assumes of course that Maas is out of the picture :stuck_out_tongue: .

Am I the only one that doesn't get this thread?

"I heard a rumour that the Ti-Cats are going to announce some news sometime?"

They announce news all the time.

Hosting the Grey Cup !!!!

Hosting the GC cheergirl? That's going to take a while I think, same as hoisting one also me thinks. :wink: