Wow talk about shooting ourselves in the foot. This team did not looked prepared to play at the word go. I think the MOP for the League in Mr. Durant was answered (thats a big Nope not him). UGLY. :oops:

Worst game of the year im shutting it off this is ruining my day. Riders have made every mistake possible can't kick feild goals can't make catches, can't throw, DB's playing 15-20 yards off recievers when geln hasn't gone deep all day, O-line......stayed in Regina, Cates keeps getting the same draw plays, what else can I say god what a stupid looking team today but I am glad they are getting this brain fart out of the way!!!

i'm so glad that it wasn't a game that we HAD to win...

Painful to watch.

Terrible game plan..
HOw many 50 yard hitches to the sidelines..................UUURRRGGHGGHGHG.
Cates leaving us 2 and 7 how many times..........AAAAGGGHGHGGHGH.
DD looked Dazed, walking to and from the side lines, telegraphing, one hoping, over throwing..........BLLLLLUUUUGGGGG.

Defense played solid , Glenn was prepared and sharp.

LaPolice should get a scolding , absolutely NO adjustments for wind or lack of running game.............sigh.

It doesn't matter if it was a game we had to win. We showed no character on offence. Give Hamilton credit they came to play - we came to hang out and wait until the 4th quarter to pull out another miracle win. Didn't work this week. We better get our act together or our playoff life will be short-lived.

no excuses for this maybe not a must win but it sure would have been nice to make it exciting not a BIG O shut down
john lynch just said on the radio show maybe it was the fact they got up at 5:30 am BS IF THATS THE REASON THEN LEAVE 2 DAYS EARLY FOR EAST GAMES to adjust
I guess they can be glad our next game is a homer so our 13th man can pull them
out of daze should that happen next saturday

I would think Jyles is probably #1 QB for the duration! I mean Durant was pretty terrible, 2 ints, 2 fumbles, how many yards?? When your QB cant get up for a game like that, it`s time to say adios! Guys a bum

Just because he put up close to 100 points in 2 games against your self described best D in the league, you don't have to dis him that much.

What planet have you been living on? Who had been the QB executing game tying drives in the last two games? Durant had a bad game but our offensive line wasn't no hot shakes - 7 sacks given up and no running game. Your statement is evidence of your lack of football knowledge and ignorance of the excitement Durant has provided for the fans this season so far. I still can forsee our team playing in the Grey Cup.

That was a complete team collapse. Face it the Riders stunk out the joint today. All teams have games like this and there is not much to it other then they stunk and deserved to loose today.

On to next weekend and the game of the year!!!!

as long as they get it together for the playoffs who cares.

I hope this was either a joke or just irrational frustrated reaction after a terrible loss because you can’t possibly mean it in a serious way. Nothing against Jyles but it was one bad game, not one bad string of games by Durant. And like others said, apart from Armstead, show me one other player that made a clearly positive contribution. Definitely a team loss.

I personally think that, if there was a game to lose in Oct-Nov, this one was it. It should (I should say “It better”) make them get real focused for next week. It’s not an excuse but it is human nature to not get as “up” for a game that doesn’t have the same meaning when it is sandwiched in between three games that do.

Looking on the bright side, it makes Edm’s chances of getting the crossover a little less … and I have no problem with Edm missing the playoffs (including the lame back door crossover) for, say, another 15 + years … :slight_smile:


Is it just me or is going for it on 3rd and 3 in definite field goal range, down by 18 kinda a dumb play? We needed two touchdowns and a field goal... so why not get the field goal? I know it was pretty well over anyways, but wouldn't that have been the smarter play?

Wow didnt see this coming....... congrats ti - cats .. sask pooped the bed like ee did last week against cowtown.....
wow west playoff / crossover race getting hairy!!!!!!!! ......

Before we get a coronary, let’s look at the facts. This was a game that would have been nice to win, but not a MUST win. IF we’re going to bomb out, we picked the right game to do it. We know Calgary will be coming cocky as ever, so we must put this game behind us and get ready. We know practice will be high tempo, and that will be good to get the boys going.

With Calgary beating BC we still managed to clinch second place this week for sure. It probably wasnt the most ideal way to clinch a home playoff game, but we host a home playoff game for third straight year.