Cats-Riders trade

The Cats and riders eschanged draft picks and players per TSN

An accomodation for the Riders and some shuffling of NI talent.

I wonder what was so important to the Riders to move up 5 spots in the 3rd round... Carter is a solid special teamer and good depth at the weak side spot. Glavic is more of a safety/sam-backer and the Cats still have 4 Canadians competing at safety. I'd say Cats win this one

At best it is even up. But my first take is, I agree---Hamilton got the best player, so you come out ahead. Plus you nabbed a promising import receiver. From the Rider point of view, this is a bit of a puzzler.

Not really there are 15 to 20 decent prospects so it moves them in to that window. they get a B prospect instead of a C...

That's crazy. Especially if the draft is as weak as we heard all winter (and nobody said it louder or more often than ET) trading away a solid LB like Carter for a less proven quantity like Glavic makes no sense. The Canadian draft is far to much of a crap shoot to be giving up proven talent just to move up 5 slots in the 3rd round....
And your 15-20 decent prospects number is pretty darned arbitrary. I think the number is 17-22 so we gained nothing....
Or maybe it's 12-16 and we still get a C prospect.....
The reality is the odds of getting a bonafide player in the third round change very little by moving from 22 to 17....

Seems like we got the better of this one. We receive two roster players in exchange for one, just by moving slightly downward in the third round of the draft. Carter and Glavic are probably roughly equivalent in terms of contribution to the team, if anything Carter has made more impact I think. Myles is a throw-in who costs us nothing but 22nd place in the draft order instead of 17th. If Myles turns out to have potential, we're ahead for sure. If not, Carter for Glavic is OK for us anyway.

For example if they feel Tamon George will go before their 22nd pick but will be there at 17... Seems expensive to move up a few spots but obviously it mattered enough to them, maybe they had planned on releasing Carter and the last thing the Riders need is a receiver... 2 of the old bucks helping each other out I guess.

The releases I read on this trade all had the slant to them that being closer to home was important to Carter, so maybe that was the catalyst for this deal.

Yannick Carter is a nice acquisition for the Ticats' special teams unit.

Also, here is a link to a scouting report on Brandon Myles when he was a prospect for the 2007 NFL Draft:

[url=] ... /7275.html[/url]

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Yeah I'm not too thrilled about loosing that 3rd pick... Etiane Legere would have been a good pick up....

You haven't lost anything yet.
the reported trade doesn't make much sense so we'll see what happens.

Hey BP…the trade was for a pick in the 3rd round, not our third overall pick, so Legare is still an option as the Cats still have 2 first round picks.

This was a so-so trade but still the Ticats came out slightly ahead, further ahead if Myles pans out.

He is talking about the BC trade not the Saskatchewan one... If Toronto doen't pick Jamall Lee we give our 3rd overall to BC in exchange for their 6th and 13th overall picks..

now we have 2 N/I LB's that own ST.