Cats release Walker

He is back on the team! lol I guess he was only released to be put on the practice roster. That makes me feel a hole lot better now :slight_smile: He will be back on the active roster later this season if our receivers get injured.

Even though we have Tre Smith we could still use JoJo back there returning kickoffs but thats not really enough to keep you on the active roster.

JoJo is a good depth receiver to have and will do what is expected of him when called upon.

If he ever sees active duty then something quite terrible has happened.

He was dropped down to the practice roster to activate Rodriguez.

I don’t see why not? Eddie Cohen isn’t any better. Walker was slated to start the home opener until he hurt his elbow.

If Walker was better he'd be starting and we'd be wondering about who Cohen is.
His only shot, apart from a rash of injuries, was p/k returns but along came Tre Smith.

Cohen has only played three games and he is already better GBonds. I know you like Walker but this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Like I said he has been injured so he couldn’t start or we would have in week one. It was just bad luck on his part but oh well life goes on.

All I’m saying is Eddie Cohen has done nothing special for him to start as a receiver over Walker. I know I am biased about walker but its pretty clear he is the weakest out of the starters so far.

It’s not like I’m comparing Walker to Mitchell who by the way has the exact same amount of receptions as Cohen but 63 more yards receiving.

What has Cohen showed that Walker hasn’t from last season? please I would like to see how you compare the two.

Way more upside, more potential. Bigger target for the QB along with the speed.

LOL Upside and Potential two words that say you haven’t done anything yet…

Bigger target… Cohen = 5’11" Walker = 5’9" WATCH OUT!

Speed… HELL NO! walker is one of the fastest players on our team. Just watch that punt return against Edmonton last season and tell me Cohen has more speed…what a JOKE!

Well, with the amount of rushing the ball lately no receiver has really shown "alot" yardage wise per se.

So "potential" is the only word one could use.

Moot point anyway since the football experts who get paid to make the decisions have deemed Cohen and others better than Walker.

GBonds, I agree with Zontar. As I said before, stats aren't everything and they don't always tell the whole story. When I look at the two, I think Zontar hit the nail on the head: "Way more upside, more potential. Bigger target for the QB along with the speed."

I also don't like Walker as a returner. He had one good game last year in this department and other then that he was pretty much the worst return man in the league statistically. (Now using my own logic that doesn't mean everything, but in this case it was also painful to watch.)

So as I said before, I really didn't see what Walker's purpose was on this team and I didn't understand how he made the team in the first place. Right now, he adds deep depth but as Zontar said, something seriously bad would have to happen for him to get in.

This is nothing personal and I commend you for sticking up for your boy, but 5-foot-11, 200-pounds is a MUCH bigger target than 5-foot-9, 169 pounds. There is no question about that.

I don’t know how fast he is, but he certainly can’t show it off when he’s getting hammered by guys three times his size.

Walker got injured in practice the day before the week 1 game and he was suppose to start. lol I give up on this topic there is no reasoning with you guys at all. Walker is good enough to be a 4th receiver or 5th. You guys are acting like I am saying he will be our #1 guy.

Now all this arguing about 2 players that are not even starting this week LOL.

I know we have disagreed about Walker before but I am just saying he is good enough to play for us.

One thing I will say is JoJo has more career Touchdowns than 5 of the 8 receivers on our roster. :stuck_out_tongue: ok, ok I will stop with the statistics... I'm just kidding around now.

That's not saying much that he's good enough to be a 4th or 5th receiver right now. I think there are many interchangeable players that could be a 5th receiver. I'm just saying I'd rather have players that can develop into a top-three at that spot then a very small receiver (and let's not beat around the bush....he's tiny and not very strong) with less potential.

I don't think you sign a guy or activate a guy to be a career 5th receiver.

I am actually surprised Jo Jo lasted this long. I thought he signed his own pink slip when he decided to dance around the end zone last year after that missed field goal.

He was a borderline 3rd or 4th receiver. Obie said he only wants imports that have the ability to start and excel. Unfortunately, Jo Jo hasn't show that ability thus far.

You never know, maybe he will prove me wrong in the near future.

  • paul

I hope so! I wanna see JoJo become another one of my favourite small receivers…

Craig Yeast… LMAO JUST KIDDING! :lol:

I really mean Archie Amerson. He is Tough as nails just like him.