Cats release Walker

Name: 2008-07-15 Tiger-Cats Transaction
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats released Import WR Jo Jo Walker. The club transferred to disabled Non-Import LB Matt Robichaud.

With the progress of our current imports, and Tre Smith solidifying our punt and kickoff returns, it seemed inevitable.

no surprise here.

That’s progress

Jojo was at Practice Today
That is odd

They could t Cut him to put him on the Practice Roster.

Wonder if this paves the way for Earnest Jackson to suddenly finally appear on the roster?

That would hopefully be a nice addition for a week where the passing game is going to need help.

Jackson isn't even listed on the roster.

So we release Walker and Lavigne-Masse.

so is Earnest Jackson healthy? Any word on Sam Giguere's status with Indy?

I am no more on Sam Gaiguere soon..


Wow, I can't believe Taaffe parted ways with his former college player.
This says something about the upgrade in receiver and returner talent.
Where is Willie Ponder? Everyone seemed so high on him in training camp.

Hmmm...Let me think about that.

Willie was offer a Practice Roster Spot.
He said no .
Can't Blame him he has a Family to Support.
He went home to look for work..

If the Ticats loose a WR he may be back.

Precisely. There's nowhere he can play on this team. The upgrade in talent has surpassed anything he had to offer.

Too subtle, Cap'n.

You should have said,

Hmmm...'I have been pondering
about that, too, rockfish.' :wink: :smiley:

Sorry to see Jojo go. I always hate cuts.

Thanks for all the effort and best of luck to you, Jojo.

I had grown to like him and its really crappy when players you like get cut or traded but I guess all you can do is move on and wish them the best of luck.

JoJo thank you for everything you have done for us and I hope you land on your feet in what ever you do next!

Best wishes. I liked jojo and his brother too. Wish more family members would post on here. mrs beet would post but is too busy workin or somethin.

Sam Giguere was in Montreal for the Bomber game and he made it through the two mini-camps and has got a spot for the main camp July 27th. Things are going really well and they’ve included him on special teams which bodes well.

I sure the Ticats are Aware of it .
Colts Scout Cal Murphy and Obie are pretty tight.

He is listed on our practice roster.

Maybe we haven't seen the last of him.

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