Cats Release Two Players and Sign One

According to the website, the Ticats have released defensive back Mike Echols. They also added defensive end Demetrios Walker from the injured list and then released him.

The Ticats have also moved defensive back Arnold Parker to the non-active roster and signed a new defensive back, Lawrence Gordon, to the non-active roster.

lol that sucks, echols could habe bin good. maby, maby not he did get one int, but he suuucked on the rest of game.. walker was good.. but i guesse his injury was to seriouse

anybody got any info on tlawrence gordon? and whats the deal with Sam young?? hows he doin at practice?

ok the ticats are really making me mad. you release a db who played a kee roll in what the ticats did last thursday and then u put a db u jsut signed on the practice roster. sam young who started for bc last year is on teh practice roster and you release demitrios walker(hes injured its ok to release him)but you could of put mike echols on the practice roster instead of releasing him

Thats good for the ticats because we had a few plays in store for Mister Echols on the corner there. He got beat so BAD a few times jumping routes and Calvillos pump fakes.

woulda thought he'd be given more than one game, but meh.

no big loss. of course, no real gain either...

Echols didnt play well last week, he was beat by a running back to the corner.

Gave up a couple deep balls but made 1 nice INT.

I trust Ron.

well said

They lost, his assignments scored 2 long TD's, including one where he totally bit it.

he did play a 'kee' role in what the ticats did last thursday.


Well said Crash, not sure I've ever seen a cb get beaten and look so silly as Edwards did to Echols. That should never happen with a rb on a corner.

Well according to this website it appears that Echols wasn't released from the ticats. It does show that there is two new players but doesn't show other guys being released

yeah, right here:

Are there no offensive linemen to sign? Is anyone looking?

speaking of which, when is Powell coming back?

to place someone the practice roster they have to be released first and clear waivers then you can place them on the practice roster

Powell has been taking first string reps at RT this week, Espo.