Cats Release Manley, Sign Toeaina

The Hamilton Ticats have added import offensive tackle Albert Toeaina and released import defensive tackle Dexter Manley II.

Toeaina has pro experience with the NFL's Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers, NFL Europe's Rhein Fire and the Arena Football League's San Jose SabreCats.

The 6'6", 340-pound native of San Francisco, California will compete for job at Ticats camp.

I actually thought Manley played well yesterday at the controlled scrimmage. Hopefully Al works out for us.

a 340 pound tackle? in the CFL?

Obie you one funny man lol

That would prolly be his NFL playing weight.
Arena league linemen weights are roughly that of the CFL.

Here is the link to a Sports Illustrated scouting summary on Albert Toeaina when he was a prospect for the 2006 NFL Draft:

[url=] ... 47868.html[/url]

While his talents seem more suited to the NFL than the CFL based on this report, one needs to see whether his ability to play in space and his lateral movement has improved since his college days. As Zontar noted, perhaps playing in the Arena League necessitated his shedding some weight and increasing his mobility.

I am Surprised Dexter is gone

Could be they bring back after his Hand Heals
They did that with Zemaitis last year after he hurt his Leg

According to Drew Edwards' latest entry on his Scratching Post blog, Albert Toeaina has a leg injury and is currently limited to riding the stationary bicycle.

I also agree with Edward's blog entry about the Black and Gold Game yesterday. It was a novel idea to have head coach Marcel Bellefeuille explaining some of the drills, plays and rules to the fans via microphone and he did very well at it.

They did it last year with Charile Taaffe

He's still listed as 340.

I think it's a 0% chance he makes the team, conisdering they'd have to release, either Gautier, Goodspeed, Carlson or Rottier to make room for him. It seems like a wasted signing.

He is probably competing with Dan Oliphant for the backup right offensive tackle spot behind import Dan Goodspeed.

So why do you care?

If Goodspeed goes down wont they put Rottier or Carlson in for him?

Probably but it wouldn't hurt to have another one since both Rottier and Carlson are rookies.

Drexl wrote:

If Goodspeed goes down wont they put Rottier or Carlson in for him?
A good question that is too early to answer, Drexl. Since Dan Goodspeed is an import, it would be easier to replace him with an import (i.e. Oliphant or Toeaina) if he gets injured because the import/non-import ratio would stay the same and no other in-game offensive roster adjustments would have to be made. Also, as noted by Giants27, Rottier and Carlson are rookies whereas Oliphant and Toeaina have previous pro experience. However, if either Rottier or Carlson plays equal to or better than Oliphant and Toeaina at right tackle during the pre-season, then the head coach would probably bring in the better of Rottier or Carlson to replace Goodspeed even if it means making another in-game offensive ratio adjustment. In fact, bringing in extra import receiver could turn out to be a good thing during a game if the extra receiver can quickly get in sync with the starters who have practiced together the whole week.

If he is one of the un-numbered guys that we were wondering about yesterday, he is a big fella. He didn't look 340 to me though.

Here is the latest entry in Drew Edwards' Scratching Post blog. It includes a video clip of new Ticat offensive tackle prospect Albert Toeaina. As borehamgirl has noted, he is large but looks to be less than 340 lbs.

I shook hands with this guy Albert. I'll tell you, his hands are massive! By far the biggest of anybody else that I had the pleasure of shaking hands with. He told me that he just got into town late last night and came via the afl via the Oakland Raiders. Coach Bellefeulle scouted him last year in California and really liked him. Hopefully he's a great signing. :cowboy:

Hamilton has a way about discovering talent not thought to work out in the league. If they are highly touted and look very promising and have tons of CFL potiential they don't work out (at least during their tenure in Hamilton)

Lets see what we can do before we slip a return ticket home in his locker.

I wish him good luck, he has a lot of competition this year.

So it looks like Dexter II was less Manley. :wink:

TCTD, I'm not sure I get the point about having to make a ratio adjustment if we replace an Import with a non-import? As I understand the rule, the requirement is to have a minimum number of non-import starters. There is no maximum limit on the number of non-import players. Unless I'm mistaken we can roll out as many Canadian players as we wish, as long as we hit the magic number of required starters. Otherwise I agree with your analysis. Of course also hoping that Godspeed stays healthy....

You're absolutely right, novascotiakid. The import/non-import ratio rule allows a team to start as many non-imports as it wishes to start. It is usually more of a question of where to deploy the minimum number of seven non-import starters without experiencing a significant drop off in talent. If Rottier or Carlson are better than, equal to or even close in ability to Oliphant and Toeaina at the right offensive tackle position and can replace Goodspeed if he gets injured, then it frees up rather than requires the Ticats to use an import at another position. The example in my post was to add an import receiver in such a situation. On the other hand, if Oliphant or Toeaina are significantly better than Rottier and Carlson, the Ticats can bring in the import replacement offensive tackle to replace the import Goodspeed without affecting the minimum number of non-import starters already in the game.