Cats Release Avon Cobourne

Drew Edwards just tweeting that the 'Cats have released Cobourne. Thanks Avon for all the effort you gave in your two seasons with the 'Cats.

It's official..

I'm sad to see him go(again) he is a great player and gives his 100% every single play. He was a true professional in his time with us. All around great guy and player I have nothing bad to say about Avon.

Love the way he plays, but with a healthy Mallet, Walker and even Rutley, there's no room for a 34 year old import making lots of money.

Ditto!! Good decisions one day, questionable the next.

While I was impressed with Cobourne's on-field success when bought back from retirement last year, I'm pleased to see Austin agrees with the decision made a year ago, this month, by O'B and/or Cortez.

Why do they keep cutting Avon, this guy was great last year. Until I see Mullet run with the ball and take some hits school is still out on this move.

Age and a big salary.Not too hard to figure out.

He wasn't to old or highly payed to save their bacon last year.

Everything is in doubt until injured players from the year before get to training camp. We were told that Terry Grant was ready to go last spring, but clearly he wasn't. I wondering if Mallet has told Austin that he's doing fine. Or is Martel even in the Cats' future plans? Have any of you guys heard anything? These things are like KGB secrets. Beyond that, you're right if you believe Avon Cobourne served the team well. I hope he recognizes our appreciation.

First of all, Terry Grant's injury was gruesome, and nobody said he would be ready, it was known that his recovery process would be a long one. Second, Martell Mallet was injured in June, unlike Grant who was injured in October.

I get the feeling Martel Mallet is in Austin's plans. I don't know why he wouldn't be.

February 10th:

Martell Mallett ?@Martell_Mallett I had a great time in Hamilton. Awesome staff! Back to work ? #athletesperformance

Nobody said he (Grant) was ready! He was in training camp last May suited up!

Grant never suited up last year. Not once.

Grant was at camp, but he never suited up. All he did was work with the training staff; he never got on the field and he most definitely never had pads on.

As far as cutting Cobourne goes, I don't like it. People bring up his age, but he performed at a high level at 33 and 32 and 31, so I see no reason why he wouldn't perform at a high level at 34. Others bring up his salary, which I doubt is much less than what Mallett will make. I want to see Mallett or Walker succeed, but I think Cobourne, even at 34, is better than both of them.

Now, there is a chance he asked for his release. He did say last year that it would probably be his last - though IIRC he said at the end of the season that he felt great and might come back - so it is possible that he asked to be released and wants to start his new life.

In any event, he was the one guy you knew would bring it 100% every game and it's a shame he won't be back this year.

Yes, 34 year old running backs, well, what can I say. All the best to him though, I'm sure his spirit of competiveness will have a lasting positive effect on the players who played with him, for quite a while.

Too bad. He has been and still is an excellent back. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's better than at least one import back that ultimately makes the team. He carries a big ticket and the team wants to go younger but AC can still play if last year is any indication. I hope he catches on elsewhere.

An Argo-Cat fan

Salary dump, stupid move they should have brought Avon to camp , who is to say our our so called #1 will not still be damaged goods at camp after that major injury last season , Avon will be signed soon I don't think his CFL days are done just my 2 cents

At 34 and refusing to sign for less than 150K Avon's football days are most likely over. Mallet if healthy has been a proven performer in the CFL and took his NFL shot and he has come back. Rookie Walker is an explosive player who Hamilton is not about to let him go. Rutley can return Kicks, play other specials and also played well in limited time. Stephanson was re-signed and in limited time in last years offensive scheme proved that he can be a weapon at TE and not just an extra blocker and special teamer. Simmons re signed to anchor the LT spot to go along with a nice mix of Canadian vets and youngsters on the Oline. Receiving corp is 7-8 deep with veteran NI receivers to go with young receivers along with 4 import receivers now entering their 3rd season. Two of the better up and coming import DBs in McCoulough and Beasley As well as adding a couple of young LB in import Simion Lawrence and Shamari williams who may have finally found his position as Wil LB. Brian Bulcke will is a great addition as a NI he will be perfect fit for the DT rotation easily finding space on the roster do to his NI status is as good as the imports they have starting

Avon was still producing, and until he stopped he should still be on this team. Thanks Avon for your 100% effort, you will be missed.

Hopefully we're not making decisions based solely on a player's age, rather than performance. If we are, I guess Burris will be out next.

I think your 2 cents will be "rounded down" to nothing unless a team in sudden RB trouble, like the Cats last June, decides to buy some experienced, expensive help. Avon was available to all teams for over 4 months last spring and wasn't brought to any team's camp until Mallett went down. It is mostly, as you say, a salary dump -- too many dollars per yard.