Cats release 8 players

Among the released players are two 2nd year players,

import receiver Scott Mitchell

defensive back Alan Zemaitis.


This information is brought to you by a credible source, ONknight,

Neither of those surprise me; Mitchell was in tough anyway what with the new guys Obie recruited (Ball, Currie), and Zemaitis I think wrote his ticket out of town in the exhibition game.

8) Do you have a "link" to verify this Ron ???? :wink:

how about this one?

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These players were given chances to play against Winnipeg’s starters, and didn’t shine.

I like that the Cats are giving McIntyre another shot. He must be over his TC injury now.

I also think there is a good chance the Cats will sign Corey Mace to beef up the pass rush (which got off to a slow start vs Winnipeg) in the next few days.

I'm sorry to see anyone out of a job, but none of these are shocking.

Best of luck to all of these guy.

O.K. - pls fill me in on these ‘new’ guys. Ball did not impress me. He may have good hands, but does he have a good head? Mental mistakes like offside r for rookies. He was already with Montreal, so he should know better.
What makes you think he will make the Team?
As far as Currie - don’t know how much of an impact he made - jury still out if he is the ‘goto’ guy.
Am I missing something here?

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I only see 7 players listed not 8?

Ball is a rookie version of Prechae Rodriguez. No matter which way you throw it, he’s going to come down with it. Stopping offsides may take a little while, but Ball is well worth it.

Not really, I don't think you're missing anything; just what I have read leads me to think that Ball and Currie, in the coaching staff's minds, have more upside than does MItchell. Are they right or wrong? Too soon to tell.....but it's their call and they've made it. My guess is that they think Ball has better hands and Currie better speed when compared to Mitchell, and that they can work on their shortcomings. I suspect they aren't thinking that either Ball or Currie will be the 'goto' guy.........that's Rodriguez..........but I expect they were pretty sure Mitchell wasn't going to be a 'goto' guy either.

Just my impression, don't take it to the bank.

I', sure that Scott Mitchell's release comes as a surprise to a lot of fans, but I think that
in view of his competition, the right decision was made. No other surprises here.

Not sure why we released Mitchell…he atleast was tall. All of the receivers on the roster now besides Prechae are 5-10" or 5-11". Besides Ball who is 6-1", and Morant who is 6-4". I’'ve never seen Morant play…is he good? Was he not released by the awful Argos in the winter…?

Well..........if you're Marcel and Obie, and you consider Currie's speed up against Ball's hands and up against Mitchell's height, what would you do? I'd take the speed and the hands over the height any day.

Of the list of guys who were let go, certainly the 2nd year players Mitchell and Zemaitis stick out the most. Both of these guys played themselves off the team on Wednesday. I believe Mitchell was offside twice, and I don't recall him making any big plays. Zemaitis was beat on 2 or 3 plays and may have missed some assignments, and that's just not good enough.

I don't think they will have any problems finding new guys to fill in these spots. There is at least one new player that showed better than Mitchell, and the same goes for Zemaitis. I wish these guys the best, but this is the business side of sports, and why they have pre-season games and training camps for evaluating players.

It was nice to see some new comers shine in the Winnipeg game, and possibly play themselves on to the team. From what I heard of the game, both Cobb and McFadden made big steps towards making the roster. I hope they can come to terms with Mace before too long, and hope he proves to be as good as he appears. The longer this takes the more rust he will have.


Stala is 6-2".
Bauman is 6-4".

Not sure where people are getting their terrible information. Such as a week or two ago people going on and on about how Zemaitis deserved a starting job on this team. That was well played. Also before David Ball was a monster receiver who could catch any which way from Sunday. Now people wondering why we released Mitchell to keep Ball who "isn't worth it because he goes offsides sometimes". :roll:

Mitchell is the only surprise on the list. The rest are filler/fringe players who are #40 and below on the roster.


These are all vey smart moves . Zemaitis didn't show me much in the practices or the game and i was a backer of him . I like Mitchell but he seems not very polished and makes alot of mistakes . I think MACDANIEL , BALL , CURRIE and Morant all have better upsides .

Morrow is a decent lineman but i think Hickman and Mcfadden and Long have shown better .

The rest of the cuts were obvious

i am excited now to think that one of Hickman or Mcfadden will start at DE and likely 2 of Ball , Currie , and MCDANIEL will be around .

Cats are making alot of smart moves .

there are some serious dogfights for positions now :

Reciever - Ball , Davis , Morant , Mcdaniel , Currie ..likeley fighting for 3 spots

predict we get rid of : James , Morant , and Wills and put mcdaniel on practice roster

D END - Long , Mcfadden , Gullery , Hickman, Mcyntire fighting for 2 or 3 spots

Predict we keep Mcfadden , Gullery , Hickman ....with Hickman or Mcfadden on practice roster.
long shot is starting Hickman and Mcfadden and cutting Guillery

Linebacker - COSTELLO, HALEY, SISKOWIC, BROWN ..fighting for 2 spots
Predict we keep Costello and Haley with one going to practice roster

My question to everyone .

who do you think i sin charge of these decision in order of importance :

for example ..decision of defence :
here is the order i think

marshall # 1
Marcel # 3
diine coach and db coach # 4
Scouts # 4
other assistance #5


marcel # 1
Gibson #2
khari Jones # 4
Danny Mac #5
travis Moore # 6
Reciver coach # 7
Scouts # 8
other assitance #9

Can't really argue your rankings there.

I'm just glad I'm not on the list.

Chris Davis and Scott Mitchell were released because we had 2 of each.
We now only have a receiever and The President.

Obie said he wanted to simplify things :lol: