Cat's Release 6 Add 2 To 9 Gamer


Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has released the following players:

IMP WR Reggie Fish
NIP LB Anthony Maggiacomo
IMP DB Pierre Singfield
IMP DT Albert Smith
IMP WR Chris Williams
IMP DB Trae Williams

The following players have been added to the nine-game injured list:

NIP DT Matt Kirk
IMP DB Bo Smith

Who have we got to replace Kirk who has been solid all year as a NI D-Lineman?

A good one, 4 years with us. Lots of game experience.

He has often been rotated in for Matt Kirk on the D-line this year, deiz.

Maybe look at the roster on this very site?

People type questions when the answer can be found in the same time or less it took you to type it.

I guess you have also never heard of Jermaine Reid who has only been with the Cats for 4 years.

Jermaine Reid looks ready to go. Played 8 games last yr and has been with the cats 4 seasons.


Wow that is a surprise about Reggie, I really hope I see him in camp next year, this little guy has so much heart, he stuck it out all year and attended each and every practice and never complained once. He always took the time out to say hi to me, even if I didnt see him first he would yell over to me! I was fourtune it enough to get a pair of gloves he wore off him. Reggie you are a CLASS act and a great sprited person, I wish you nothing but success, I looked forword to meeting you in the near future! Thanks for your deadication to the team and your fans!!!

Hopefully, there will be a 2nd chapter for some of these guys at next year's training camp.

especially Reggie "the minnow" Fish. nyuk nyuk.

I must say that I did not see the release of Fish coming. I thought that this Saturday, we'd see more of him, not less of him. Especially if AB3 is going to sit that game out.

We release Fish yet again, only this time, we may not bring him back. I liked what I saw from him, as he caught what was thrown his way. It could be that the coaching staff likes what they are seeing in Thornton.

And Chris Williams, that return specialist we got in the Rodriguez trade is out. I didn't expect a lot from him considering a UFL team released him. And we may not have needed him much after we brought in Thigpen, of course.

Albert Smith had a sack for us in an appearance earlier this year and after seeing him play, it sure looked like we had some depth on this team.

I don't know what's in the future for these players, but I wish them all the best.

8) Reid is a back up at best. Not much of a reliable replacement for the rotating Kirk, that's for sure !!
  I'm surprised he is still with the team.

  Another cut...Chris Williams, highly toted when we couldn't sign him earlier in  the season.  Now he is simply released

  without even seeing any real game action !!   Another over-rated joke !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

And as for the injured list:

I thought Kirk and Smith would be added to the nine-game injured list.

But I see that Matt Carter, who was injured in Calgary, is still on the active roster:

Drew reported that Carter could be out for the season here: ... orrow.html

But I understand that like AB3, Carter may be a scratch on Saturday.

You are right ... I totally forgot about Reid after I typed the question ... but he is not capable of replacing Kirk.

Losing Kirk is indeed a blow.

Fish may be a phone call away if needed. However, any player on the PR for nearly the entire season should also be putting a contingency plan together. Perhaps Fish received a non-football job offer and has made a career move.

Reid is plenty capable - not a Matt Kirk steady enough...
and as for Williams... d'ya think maybe he was brought in for a look see and will be signed for next year's camp?? :roll:

Guess it all depends on whether they also dropped him from their neg list - something we'll never know (unless someone has inside info perhaps?). I suspect you're right, or at least brought into camp for a tryout.

Opens up some interesting possibilities - or "nice to have" problems?

  • Thigpen in full time as slotback. Trade either McDaniel or Mann? (Both fairly high trade value.)
  • Thigpen in as full time RB. Trade Cobb? (Don't see them doing this - haven't seen enough of Thigpen pass blocking to know if he would work there full time.)
  • Trade Thigpen? (High trade value, but please, no. Way too dangerous to let go.)

Not sure I like any of these options. But then, how good is Williams? Even better than Thigpen maybe?

Once a player is signed he's not eligible to be on anyone's neg list any more. Pretty sure that also includes being signed to the PR.

I was thinking that as he hadn't made it onto the 46-man roster, he might still be eligible for the neg list. You're probably right, though. I'd have to look up the neg list rules again.

8) Once a player is given his release, he becomes a free agent again, and can sign with anyone !!
  If Williams was a good as we were led to believe, then the Cats would have found a way to get him on the roster.

  Remember,  "better is better"  !!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Unless he signs one of those two year contracts like Cuttino says he did before he was sent packing. Uh, yeah. :oops:

I'm trying to find the official rules for the neg list, but am not having any luck. Does someone have a link to the rules? They are written down somewhere, right? Or is it more along the lines of a gentlemen's agreement, as in "the code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules?"

I thought about this quite at least 3 or for times during that game :lol: You were saying??

Stevie has been MIA the last couple of games, is the coach saving him also... No sense risking our best players. :oops: