8) The Cats have released the following players this morning.
   INT RB  Michael Ford
   INT WR  Patrick Robertson
   INT DE  Antonio Coleman
   INT DT  Zach Anderson
   INT OL  Brandon Washington

Only mild surprise here is,  Ford and possibly Coleman !!

I expect more cuts today, as the roster must be pared down to 65 by midnight tonight.

CFL roster cut down dates:
June 14 by 11:59pm ET - Teams reduce rosters to 65
June 19 by 11:59am ET - Teams reduce rosters to 46

By my count* there should be 4 more released or, in some other fashion, removed from the Training Camp Roster by midnight tonight.

  • 86 players in camp, including the never announced Tyler Storie, but not counting the CIS QB invitee, McConnell.

  • Of the 86, 8 are 2016 draftees and my guess is that 4 others (Osei-Kusi, Hughes, Huggins & Storie) are also rookie non-counters. 2 (Collaros & Archambault) are Exempt Veterans. 2 (Butler & Olson) are on the 6 Game Injured List. 1 (Hunter) is suspended. That’s a total of 17 who don’t count, leaving 69 counters at the moment.

Sorry to see Ford released. I was really hoping he would contribute to the offence this year. He’s a strong runner and looked good in limited time at the end of last season...seemed to be able to block and catch. Hope we have a better strong runner, not just a back who can catch.

I'll second that. Perhaps with 2 National RB's under Gable in the depth chart, Austin has new plans on how to use the ratio.

someone will pick up ford - and he will do well.

I really think this is more of a ratio thing, than a performance thing.

I will third that. I really liked Ford but he has yo-yoed on and off the rosters since we signed him. For whatever reason Austin wants to go in another direction, as noted it makes a bit of sense if he looking to go national at RB with Woodson and Timmis if CJ goes down. Last year if I am not mistaken though Austin kept Holley over Ford and we know how that turned out...Ford was back by the end of the year. I am not going to question Austin's decision making...BUT if there was area that has bugged me it is the running back position, really just gotta pray CJ stays healthy.

The other possibility is that Da'Rel Scott and Ross Scheuerman have impressed enough to warrant the back up job. Going to be interesting to see with the national/international mix left at the position.

Ford va peut-être être rappelé plus tard. Il travaille à une position assez achalandée, mais il pourrait être rappelé éventuellement. Je ne souhaite surtout aucun mal à un joueur complet comme Gable (il me fait parfois penser à Whitaker), mais il a quand même son historique de blessures.

With CJ as the starting RB, wouldn't you want an import to back him up, rather than changing the ratio, with an inferior replacement if Gable goes down? Don't know if you can bank on Gable staying healthy for the entire season.

I think Michael Ford could end up in Ottawa to replace the injured Powell. He could do well there with their very strong "O" line.

You can back up an international with a national without affecting the ratio, as you put any number of nationals on the field as you want, as long as there are at least as many as stated in the starting lineup.

The point is that, if Gable were unable to start a game at some point, Austin could safely switch to starting a national RB for that game because he'd have a national backup RB as well. And that would allow him to play an international at a different position.

8) Austin released Ford in late summer, because the Atlanta Falcons wanted him, where he was subsequently released
  after 1 month.  He then returned to Hamilton where Holley and him alternated as the starting back.

  From what I hear, Da'Rel Scott has really impressed in training camp.  I would imagine he would be kept as the back up
  Int. RB to Gable !!  

   Since I have said that, watch them release Scott next !!!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Da'Rel Scott is a beast in camp and looks like he is built just like CJ he will have no problems making the team

[b]The Ticats made their first round of cuts Tuesday and it sounds like the release of running back Michael Ford was a tough decision for head coach Kent Austin.

“We went back and forth on it for a couple days and there still wasn’t a consensus so I ended up having to make the choice,? Austin said. “It’s tough across the board but when you have a relationship with them, it’s not easy.?

Ford played six games last season in his second stint with Hamilton, registering 186 yards rushing and another 86 receiving. But with veteran C.J. Gable having a good camp and rookies Ross Schuerman and Da’Rel Scott showing impressive versatility, Ford was the odd man out.

Also released were defensive tackle Zach Anderson, a free agent pick up after playing 40 games in three seasons with Winnipeg; defensive end Antonio Coleman who has been trying to battle back from a knee injury suffered last season; receiver Patrick Robertson and offensive lineman Brandon Washington.

There were more moves expected Tuesday evening as the team reduced its roster to the league-mandated 65 players plus injuries and non-counters (mostly 2016 draft picks.)

“It’s always hard — it’s the worst part of the job,? Austin said. “But it’s got to be done and we do the best we can to do it properly and to make sure the guys know we appreciate how hard they worked and that we’ll help them moving forward.?[/b]

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Here are the others

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 2m2 minutes ago
[b]#Ticats cuts,
LB Troy Davis
DB Chase Minnifield

Also add following to 6-gm injured list,
QB Jacory Harris
DB Demond Washington
DT Evan Gill[/b]

bummer for Chase Minnifield. all indications are he had a great camp and a horrible injury.
Tough side to the CFL game.

writin was on the wall for Harris. he should make the switch to wr. i watched him on the sidelines last year catchin one handed he has some talent there

Right right I forgot about that good call.