Cats release 32 players prior to draft and May 1st 75 player deadline

It looks like the Cats have taken the broom to the off season roster with a whopping 32 players getting their walking papers before the draft and the mandated 75 man max roster as of May 1rst .

Here is the list of causalities from yesterdays spring cleaning as reported in transactions Apr 19/04/30…

Dontre Wilson - rb/wr INT
Desmon White - wr INT
Darius Victor - rb INT
Andrew Turzilli - wr INT
Marcus Tucker - wr INT
Justin Stockton - rb INT
Frank Stevens - wr INT
Joel Ross - db INT
Robert Porter - db INT
Terrance Plummer - lb INT
Vinston Painter - ot INT
Tobenna Okeke - de INT
Rejean Neale - rb INT
Lorenzo Maudlin - dl INT
Jamal Marcus - dl INT
Ray Lawry - rb INT
Devante Kincade - qb INT
Jarrod Harper - db INT
Keyarris Jarrett - db INT
Chris Frey - lb INT
Isame Faciane - ot INT
Cam Echols-Luper - wr INT
Trey Dempsey - db INT
David Dean - dl INT
Trey Caldwell - db INT
Ray Bolden - wr INT
Darius Allensworth -db INT
James Allen - db INT
Jaelon Acklin - wr INT
Gabriel Ouellet - db CAN
Lukas Korol - lb CAN
Michael Domagla - k CAN

That’s crazy! To get down to the 75 man (+non-counters) roster the TiCats needed to eliminate only 7 or 8 players. This release of 32 either has something to do with the CBA uncertainty or, although very hard to imagine, the club has signed another 25 or so, other players, who they believe are better, and who they have not yet registered with the league.

Thinking about if further, I’m surprised to see Faciane included with the 30 on the list who have never played for the team. I thought the coaches were quite high on him last year. And, another thought, at least on paper … now the club has enough $$$$ available to pay Elimimian for the entire rest of his career. ;D

Looking at the list a few observations :

1/ With the release of both Plummer and Frey at LB it would appear that the team is indeed the front runners to sign Elimimion for this upcoming season .

2/ The release of QB Kincade leaves only two on the roster in Masoli and Evans . Perhaps the team has its eye on a yet unnamed un-signed 3rd QB possibly available on their Neg List .

3/ With the release of both Faciane and Painter at OT the team must be happy and confident in both Palmer and Jordan to emerge as starters this year on the line . Either that or they perhaps have an eye on bringing in a few new bodies that are currently on the Neg List .

4/ I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these players resurface in time for T.Camp after the dust has settled and the deck gets reshuffled . One would think that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to sign all these players only to subsequently release them before seeing what they can do in T.Camp and the preseason .

5/ Like Ottawacat has already mentioned only one of the thirty two released (Faciane) saw some game time with the team last season although a few others did spend some time during different parts of last season on the teams PR and a few others were in T.Camp with the team last year .

Cats must have got their dates mixed up. Final cutdown day and tax day.

Maybe something strategic in regards to the labour negotiations??

Release 32 players and then hold Free Agent Camps 3 days later??


The TiCats are holding their 2019 Free Agent Camps on

May 4th in Cleveland

May 5th in Baltimore

Puzzling to me, Grover, is that I don’t recall hearing, or reading, before it took place, anything about the the club holding “Rookie Mini-Camp” this week in Buffalo. Was there ever a list available of who participated? Who are those guys in the video titled “A look at Rookie Mini-Camp” on the main page here? Was “Rookie Mini-Camp,” perhaps, really just the first of these very late in the off-season Free Agent Camps?

Okay, This is what is going on(courtesy of Ideal Sheldon in the MTL forum)

It is so these players can go to Free Agent camp

From this story on the Bombers camp, it looks like mini-camps are not allowed, just free agent camps with unsigned players who are protected for 56 hours. Signed players have to be released to participate.

WPG just had their FA Camp

With only three practices to go on, Winnipeg Blue Bombers management, scouts and coaches had to make some quick decisions after their free-agent camp Wednesday and Thursday at IMG Academy.
They were expected to offer contracts to about 20 of the 42 “free agents? who took part in the camp, including seven receivers, seven defensive backs, one quarterback and a few running backs and linebackers.
Bombers general manager Kyle Walters said the decision had to be made by Friday afternoon, when the CFL’s 56-hour protection window was due to run out.

Though some of the players signed contracts with the Bombers before the camp, they had to be released in order to participate. They were protected for the duration of the camp under CFL rules.
Come Friday, the Bombers will either have to sign them or put them on their neg list if they want to keep them in the fold.

“We had a long night of meetings Wednesday night, watched all the film as a staff, got the guys separated into unanimous yes, unanimous no chance and the third category of guys who are competing for the few spots we have left,? Walters said as the camp wrapped up Thursday.
“It was a real big morning for a few of them on Thursday to clear up the last few contract spots.?

It looks like Grover cleared this all up in his subsequent post. Like you said, most of these players will likely be at training camp.

A big thanks to “Detective Grover” for investigating and tracking down the answer to the biggest of today’s questions.
However, I’m still puzzled over what the club here calls “Rookie Mini Camp,” even if, as he stated, “mini camps are not allowed.” While I don’t know the exact day, I’m guessing the TiCats’ on-field event in Buffalo occurred over the past weekend, and certainly it took place before the 32 players were “released” yesterday. Were any of those 32 in Buffalo? I expect many, or most, were but also think there were others, not among those 32, on the Buffalo U. field.

Anyway, as expected, there was/is more to the story than what was first presented as a shocking, sudden, unprecedented release of almost all the team’s new off-season signees.

Maybe they all get to go to Tasker’s house for a BBQ in the evenings.

Did they have any of that neon green coleslaw?

This is very concerning.

Painter looked likee he might step into Rycker Mayhews shoes at Right Tackle

Dontre Wilson looked ideal as runner and,receiver at Ohio State
Receivers echols-luper , Aecklin and Turzilli looked,like good receivers
LB Chris Frey was a beast and star at Michigan State.
LB Plummer also looked like a good potential MLB.

Stockton looked like,great rb maybe the,best in the Aaf

DE Maudlin looked very good
As did db Harper

I hope this means Soli is going to be signed as our MLB.

We could have,freed up money cutting overpayed DE Tracy and Cappiciotti and we can’t pay Westerman 220 k this year .We need to renege his contract to 170k

I think we will see Painter, Frey, Wilson and Stockton picked up by other CFL teams.

These guys were all magnificent signings with big upside.

I can only now think of one good rookie signing that remains and that is ex Tulsa star receiver who caught passes from Dane Evans in Kayaris Garret

They just cut all their promising receivers aside from Garrett.

They pretty much cut every other promising rookie some with NFL experience like Painter and DR Maudlin.

This leaves them very thin at receiver and OT and,linebacker DEand db

This makes no sense to me at all unless they have a load of ex AAF Players ready to be signed from the neg list.

I mean were any of these guys even given a,look. I figured we would watch the guys I mentioned very closely in rookie camp.
It seems like an awful lot of scouting and fillm watching has went to waste after letting go so many guys that looked like,gems or diamonds in the rough.

I don’t think Avery Jordon is up to the task of starting Right Tackle and having Painter was good insurance.

I am still hoping this is someone’s,idea of a sick joke.
I mean there is enough talent in this list to create,a decent,expansion team.

Why would we go through so much effort to sign bright young stars to then just turn around cut 95% of them.
What about competition for the veterans,…we need a,receiver to play while,Saunders is injured and one in case bralon Addison doesn’t,pan out,.

Did,any other CFL teams,essentially purge all their,off,season rookie signings in one day.
Does this mean we have another,better import Right,Tackle in mind and,another good,MLB like Soli coming in. Now we only have 2 qbs.
I was thinking Dontre Wilson, Painter and Frey could be up for rookie of the Year

Can anyone make any sense of this.
Is rookie camp now consisting of 1 or 2,players ?
Is this April Fools,or what ?
I see Grover has posted something,that ma mean we will retain most of these guys.
Geese Louise only in the CFL

OskieG nee Gerbear…

Try reading Govers post above that FULLY explains what teams are doing. Would have saved you a thousand words.

Yeah thanks,Lenny…

Corn on the Cob

21 of those 32 “released” players were “re-signed,” today (May 2nd.).

Also added to the TiCat roster is INT DB Maurice Carnell IV from North Alabama U. He’s 5’10," 180, 24 yrs. old from San Diego, CA.

The 11, from the 32, NOT re-signed, are all INTs:

Darius Victor, RB
Justin Stockton, RB
Robert Porter, DB
Terrance Plummer, LB
Tobenna Okeke, DE
Rajion Neale, RB
Jamal Marcus, DL
Jarrod Harper, DB
Keyarris Garrett, DB
Cam Echols-Luper, WR
Trey Caldwell,DB

Also, TiCat DT Bobby Richardson has been put on the Retired List.


These moves would put the roster within the required 75 + non-counters.

Forgive me for being a little slow, but this is all unfolding as a bit of a jigsaw puzzle for me.

Did Ticats hold a mini camp this week where all these recently signed players were evaluated? Meaning that the decisions on the players that did not get re-signed were likely based on their performance at said camp?

It would appear that way, IMO. But, I’d think those, or perhaps some of those, not “re-signed” may have been left that way so they can participate in this weekend’s workouts in Cleveland and/or Baltimore. (Their names still remain on the team Roster on this site.) If that’s the case, then the 21 who were “re-signed” all likely participated, earlier, in Buffalo and have earned their way to training camp, with no further participation before that. The 11, not “re-signed” may, or may not, have been at Buffalo.

While what occurred is certainly not clear, my guess is that the club was late sumitting the “releases,” required for these rookie workouts, and so they didn’t appear on until after the Buffalo workout. Again, unclear, but I’m guessing that those “released” are protected for some period of time, perhaps as much as the reported 56 hrs., following the final workout (Baltimore this Sunday) of the three.

I’m also guessing that the confusion, within the league and for us, may have come about because the TiCats’ rookie workouts were planned for just before, and then after, the 75-man Roster date (April 30th).

I hope Chris Frey is kept on this team because after seeing his highlights on YouTube the guy looks like a beast. We need that in our linebacking corps.

When are they going to update the roster to reflect the cuts?