Cats Release 3, Sign 1

8) Cats have released Imp. WR Joe Collins, Imp. QB Tate Forcier, and Imp. DB Marcus Walker.
  They have signed Imp. DB Craig Ray.

   Also add to the Retired List,  NIP DL  Maurice Forbes.

Forcier looked bad....

He was bad at Michigan and he's still bad...

I would take anyone of the Arg&^ QB's............everyone threw the ball very well and could scramble. Who ever brought in Forcier should be fired. What a waste of a plane/bus ticket. The Cats could pickup a fairly good third string project qb from from other teams cuts. Any thoughts?

Yes, I have a thought. We already have a "fairly good third string project qb". His name is Quinton Porter.

8) Good one, "pope" !!! :lol:

Have a bad feeling that Stala might be cut. He hasn't been practicing with the first team and he was invisible in the first preseason game. I hope I'm wrong.

tough when the competition is younger (although not cheaper). Perhaps he'll be kept as insurance. You can never have too many quality Canadian back-ups. :wink: