Cats @ RedBlacks gameday thread

Coming off an exhausting Labour Day game, having lost a practice day to travel, can the Cats compete tonight against a well rested RedBlack squad?

I’ll give you my answer in the “Burn the Witches vol. XIII” thread when it gets posted later tonight after the game .


Are you kidding me? It’s been drafted and is in for editing right now…


Don’t worry guys, I picked Ottawa to win in the GCC pool. Your victory is all but guaranteed.


We have played a couple of good road games
Hopefully this will be another one! :crossed_fingers:


Odd thought but lets take the ball if we win the toss this week.
Buried before we even got started against the blows.


You bunch of killjoys! :rofl:

I say they continual their downward spiral and tank. The bottom two teams in the CFL square off. How exciting.

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Yeah, but you will still be watching every second of it.


Okay it’s prediction time . As I look into my crystal ball I see this game winding up as another 0-0 tie just like the other 11 games of this Cats season so far…well at least that’s what it says on the teams homepage schedule results anyways . :roll_eyes: :scream_cat:


I buy the 0 points for part…the 0 against not so much

Let’s keep this as the PBP thread too.

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Hammy is really hampered by a poor receiving corps imo

They had a great receiving corps . The problem is that they are all scattered all over the league now playing for other teams . Ackln , Addison for Ottawa , Dunbar for Edmonton , Ungerer for Toronto etc etc .

Cats can win this game. Completely shut down Crum last time with the exception of the last drive.

Interested to see how the team comes out given the short turnaround from a blowout and the Duke Williams nonsense.


New name for our QB: “LAST CHANCE POWELL” Because if we lose I guarantee Shiltz
will be starting.

Next game is WPG then TOR then CGY then SSK then BC

I wouldn’t be surprised if Schiltz does start the next game against Winnipeg. Then we’ll see if Bo is ready to return as he’ll have completed his 6 games on the IL. There’s no guarantee that he’ll be healthy enough to start, but we’ll eventually find out.

This gonna be the play by play thread?

I think we’re going to see a shellacking tonight. It’s going to be ugly.

I dunno.

this is a rollercoaster team.

maybe we win.

maybe we lose.

can’t wait to move on from this season.

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