Cats Re-Sign Dyakowski

8) The TiCats are expected to announce today that they have signed Off. Guard, Peter Dyakowski to a contract
   extension.  He would have become an unrestricted free agent in Feb. but has elected to rejoin the Cats.

   Good news indeed.
:thup: By far the most import re-signing among the team's five potential FA's.


That is the news I have been waiting for. I'm in a much better mood now lol

Meanwhile in WPG and TOR........


Although Toronto's management side is pretty messed up, they have managed to re-sign most of their important NI free agents.

Awesome news. Peter is already a great player and has potential to be even greater. He's also a big part of the attitude change we've noticed on this team in the last year and a half. The fact that he stayed right here in Hamilton in the off seasons speaks volumes about his commitment to the team and the city.... And I just loved it when he appeared on TSN last year sporting a "Hamilton Hunk" t-shirt....

An expected, but still good move. :thup: :rockin:

8) Now, when weren't you always in a better, "good mood", bg. ??????? :wink:

He wants to be an astronaut after his playing days! Read it in today's Spec. :wink:

You should ask my kids. :wink: I've been a little grumpy because I haven't had much time to bake lately. You'll be happy to know that I did broaden my horizons over the holidays. I baked shortbread cookies. From scratch. :smiley:

8) That is good news indeed !!
  Now don't forget to put a few of those shortbread cookies in the freezer for me, bg.      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Good news.

Right beside the chocolate chip lol.

Here's a really good read by Drew about Dyakowski. The guy kills me. He is exactly the kind of guy I want on this team...

great news.

and thanks 4 the article from The Spectator. Peter's comment/quote on Hage was hilarious.

I have hoped to see the headline “Ticats Re-Sign Dyakowski” here on this site. This certainly is good news, as I think there a few other teams in the CFL that would like to have him.

Personality-wise I would say Peter is my fav player on the roster. All his videos on Ticat TV are amazing. He is one of those guys that are good to have around in any situation. Great team guy also.

I hope he spends his entire career in Hamilton.