Cats Raise Single Game Ticket Prices !!!

Or, it will make him 1 and 2 million dollars from fans not bailing on the team.
I would think that is how they calculate this.

thanks joe.
I think they should offer a lumsden four game pack, you can use the tickets for any of the four games lumsden plays in :lol:

Even though i dont like the raising of ticket prices, i think rasing single game tickets and leaving season tkts alone would give someone more incentive to buy season tkts. eg: gold tickets right now are $58. so ten games would work out to $580. season ticket price is $550. so there is only a $30. saving so if they rasied the single game say to $65. that would work out to a $100. saving in buying season tickets ,almost like getting 2 games free

Fine, then we'll let the team go into tremendous financial ruin, and let them fold like the Ottawa Rough Riders and 80s Alouettes.

Face it, the 25% discount was going to be made up somewhere. This is business.

If you don't like the price of single game tickets, then buy season tickets.

By announcing a freeze on 2009 season ticket prices at 2008 levels and confirming the 25% discount for qualified season ticket holders, the Ticats are sending a clear and early message that they want to retain their existing season ticket base and expand it. If the CFL could arrange and announce the 2009 schedule by December 2008, which should be feasible in an eight team league, it would be easier for fans to know what type of ticket package best suits their plans and to make a pre-Christmas purchase.

As for the Ticat fans who buy individual game tickets, a flex pack or season tickets in a less expensive section of the stadium might become a more cost effective alternative than individual game tickets over the course of the 2009 football season.

Having an opinion is not unfair, but what you wrote was.

I'm a shift worker I can manage fine with season's tickets.

Firstly, wait until the schedule comes out, and then you can determine how many games you can make.

Secondly, as I mentioned before, if there's enough of a conflict, get a flex pack or split season's tickets.

I've been doing exactly that over many years now.

So comments like "Way to go ticats this should **** off fans who can't go to every game..." are unfair in their haste.

Now that's funny! :lol:

I will admit BettleJuice had me chuckling as well. Just how would you know what games to pick from the 4-pack. First game and ???

Don’t forget about the preseason game and the Black and Gold Scrimmage, leaving only one more game :lol:

I hear so many of my friends use shift work as an excuse. An excuse is all it is, I work shift work and have always made full use of my seasons. The Ticat organization make it so worthwhile to get season tickets. With the exchange program you can trade in any games you can't use. So if you work a couple night shifts trade them in.

Or get Flex Packs. I always get one for labour day to bring friends out always saves on the premium prices on labour day.

shift work.... please.....

Raising single game tickets?!?! Trying to recoup the loss from the 25% discount?

What a joke.

I have to make a road trip to go to a game. Gas, Food, Place to stay, etc... and now they want to charge even MORE MONEY for me to buy tickets? F-That. I will tell you this... next year I will not attend a game. The prices are already steep considering we haven't had a winning team in YEARS.

It's a shame because I had great fun going to the games... it's just too expensive.

Since money is kind of tight with me right now, I'll probably just attend FEWER games, as opposed to buying season tickets because of the money I would save vs. single game tickets.

Buy a ticket! Feed the Cats!