Cats Raise Single Game Ticket Prices !!!

8) Scott Radley reports in the Spec this morning that the TiCats will raise the price of single game tickets for 2009. No figure has been announced as of yet, but apparently the team feels that there is not enough of a difference in the price of single game tickets in comparison to the price that season ticket holders are paying !!
 Season ticket prices will not increase and the 25% discount will apply to those season ticket holders that qualify for the 2009 season !!!

So shift workers who can't use seasons tickets will be the ones who will pay the 25% discount that season ticket holders will get this year.
Way to go ticats this should piss off fans who can't go to every game there for must buy single game tickets.
This on top of less than pro level football I am sure will make a lot of fans rush to buy tickets next year.

CFL Football is still a great deal - we have friends that have Sens season tickets, 42 home games X 2 and seats high up in the rafters at $100 each Total price $8400
CFL football 9 reg season games even at $50 a game is a bargain.
The prices have to be raised to be competitive and if you want to see CFL football survive.

Ti cat foot ball is not a good deal unless you buy in to the 10 year rebuilding plan { I don't}.
Putting the cost of the 25% reduction for season tickets on the single ticket buyer stinks and that is what is happening .
They can try and twist the facts but it is still B S.

then buy season tickets...

I also think they have smaller ticket packages as well.

Wa wa wa.

Just do what i've done and other shift workers I know have done:

Split a ticket with someone.

Sorry I did not know that having the opinion that the increase is unfair would get the { Wa Wa Wa]
I will not post another.

I think fans of the Tiger Cats are lucky.

We get a discount on our season tickets vs single game seats. This also happens with the Buffalo Sabres.

Look at the Toronto Maple Leafs. They do not offer any discount on season tickets. If you are lucky to purchase a single game ticket, you are paying the same price as a season ticket holder.

The cats have a plan in place so that if you miss a game, you can redeem the ticket later in the season. You will never have a wasted ticket.

If you can't make all of the games due to your work schedule, buy a flex pack or as the Captain said, split with someone.

The Tiger Cats make sure there is a ticket in every price range. I am confortable paying $35 bucks a game.

2 years ago in section 9 I paid $18.50 a game!!!! I know the pricing has gone up in this section but really, tell me what you can do for less than 20 bucks a game? You can't go to the movies or to dinner or to a concert, a play, a club.

We are talking 10 home games a year. Like a poster above me said, you pay for 41 games plus exhibition if you have tickets in the NHL.

There are always people who are going to complain. If you are a season ticket holder you don't care about single game seats cuz you don't buy them. The casual fan who goes to 1 or 2 games a year, doesn't really notice cuz they only go to 1 or 2 games a year and don't really know the pricing chart inside and out like we do.

If my season ticket prices don't go up, I'm happy. We are all going to get a big shock next year when we dont get 25% off and the prices go up. It will be the same reaction as those in the traditions club realizing that they have to pay full price for their tickets and that their tickets have gone up.

Everything in life goes up. I say that the Cats should tie in ticket prices to the cost of inflation. If the standard of living goes up 3%, the ticket prices should then go up 3%. This makes is very fair, easy and clear. This will never happen!

They don't think they can be too high in the rafters @ $100.00 a pop.

*Ottawa Senators season ticket packages starting at just $26.00 (plus taxes) per seat, per game!
Choose full- or half-season packages and save up to 50% off gate prices. Plus, guarantee access to the best seats for every Sens Stanley Cup Playoff game, get the same seats for every game in 2008-09 and more exclusive season-ticket holder benefits.

Club seats center ice are $113.00/each
Now that is a good deal!

I don't currently have season's tickets, while I have in the past, and even though this may mean an increase for me, I think this move makes sense, as there was really not much of a discount for the season ticket holder. In the past you only saved about the cost of one game (about 10%), and the tickets included the pre-season game, and with the scheduled games all over the place, thre is not much incentive to be a season ticket holder. Ultimately, this can result in lost revenue, and fewer buts in the seats.

To me this is simply a move to get more people to commit to buying season's tickets, and I can't blame them for doing that.


As someone who buys tix by the game, the cost for me to attend games will go up. However, this move by the Cats makes perfect sense. They have to try and build up the season tix base and this is one way to make it more attractive to fans.

I can understand that some fans will feel that they're getting stung by the Cats but I still think that dollar-for-dollar, the CFL is excellent value.

An Argo-Cat fan

Like the flex pack. I bought one in the reds this season for 5 regular season games of my choosing for $110 (where season's would've gone for $195).

So single game tickets are reportedly going up( by how much or how little we don't know )and current seasons ticket holders get a discount if they buy seasons again next year.

I don't see the issue. To get fans to commit to seasons ticket packages, teams have to offer incentives. And this was one.


For all us season ticket holders that get a 25% discount, and with single game ticket prices going up, it will make it very difficult for folks to leave.
Gold early bird $500.00
Less 25% = $375.00

Single game gold $58 (Labour day is more)
These prices will be going up.

So if the tickets go up on average 10% (It will probably be more) the single gold ticket will be around $64.00/each.
Single game ticket buyers will have to pay more for 6 games, than a season ticket holder does for 10 games (1-preseason)
$37.50/game vs $64.00/game

That makes it hard to walk away for sure!

They Price Are not out officially
Unitll they are..I'll hold Judgement

is it really a 25% discount? ted michaels was figuring it out on the fifth quarter two weeks ago when a fan asked him about it. If its after tax discount then doesnt the discount shrink down to about 12%? and if you paid for the playoff ticket and that was added to your reciept its about another 10% isnt it? which means the discount is only about 2 or 3%? maybe someone can check this as it was ted michaels who I first heard it from in response to a caller on his show.
Far as raising single games go it all depends how much they raise them

Here is an example using a $700 Platinum Level seat holder that purchased the playoff ticket (an additional $70 on top of the $700 season ticket cost) thus is eligible for the 25% credit for their 2009 season ticket. The 25% is based on the net cost of the $700 seat.

$608.70 is the net cost of the $700 ticket.
25% of the $608.70 is $152.18
Add the $152.18 to the $70 paid for the playoff ticket.
The customer would see a credit of $222.18 to their account for 2009 and would be responsible for paying the $477.82 balance for their 2009 Platinum Level season ticket.

Please feel free to contact us (which is always the fastest way to get your question answered) if there are further questions.


This will probably bring ticket prices in line with Montreal 33.00 and Toronto 30.00 where Hamilton was 22.00 and Plantinum seats at around 77 to 80 dollars comparable to Toronto 79.00 and Montreal 85.00. Bob is making good on his promise to honnor the 25% discount, which will still cost him a pile of money. Probably between 1 and 2 million dollars in revenue !

I wondered how the team was going to re-coup the 25% discount. It will be through the single-game ticket price increase. Makes good business sense.