Cats Radio PxP guy stepping down

Coach Sal will be getting a new partner in the booth this year

Andy McNamara is one and done

As Coach Austin would say “Next man up”

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Shout out to @AndyMc81 our Ticat PXP voice! He’s stepping away this year, so thank you for a great inaugural season on TSN 1150 !!

Andy McNamara ?@AndyMc81 21h21 hours ago
Big thanks & love to all @Ticats fans. Got a couple projects that I can’t go into details on now, but need to step away from the radio PxP

Maybe they can get Rick over from CHML. He's a big sports guy and could flourish on that channel

agreed but I think CHML resigned him last year. it would be a great coup if TSN could somehow get him.

I think Mia Gordon should get the job based on looks alone

Mia Gordon should never be described as "having a face for radio" :smiley:

Definitely agree 100% on that Grover, Mia Gordon should be seen :slight_smile: and not heard.......................on radio...................... if ya know what I mean :smiley: :wink:

Why not give her the play-by-play job? she could be the first female football play by play person. Try to tap into the female market. Her and Sal in the booth, - Beauty and the Beast

Beth Mowins of ESPN has been calling NCAA football games for at least 10 years and she did a Raiders' pre-season game in 2015. Prior to Beth, Gayle Sierens called one NFL game.
So this trail has already been blazed. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I would expect the salary would be the determining factor in who replaces Andy McNamara. It's a good job for a new up and or woman.
Back in the day, radio play by play was big stuff...not so anymore. TV rules and that's where the big money is .

When it comes to talent you just never know. We have a cable TV hockey and lacrosse play by play people here in Peterborough who are excellent and could easily function at the national network level. So I'm sure the Tiger-Cats and TSN won't have much trouble attracting the kind of talent they need.

Whoever it is will be lucky to work with Coach Sal. He is so good and well-versed that he makes the play by play caller's job much easier.

Cheers...that certainly would be a first for the "CFL"...and I agree with the many...she should also be seen besides!

And now this from Drew Edwards! :frowning:

[b]"It sounds like there’s no guarantee that Salavantis will return next season. TSN1150 general manager Bob Harris said in an email that no decision has been made on a play-by-play team."

“We’re evaluating opportunities in both roles, but at this time there are no front runners,? Harris said.[/b]

Maybe Coach Sal is going to replace Rudolph as O-Line Coach?

Marshall Ferguson should be Given a chance to do Play by Play

Honestly, I'll enjoy having someone new replace Coach Sal. Nothing against Coach Sal, but after listening to him for years and years, it'll be nice to hear a new perspective during the games.

Coach Sal wants to stay and I would like him to stay also. (but I don't get a vote :frowning: )

Salavantis said Tuesday that he would like to continue in the role he has held since 1993 but he has not been contacted by anyone from TSN about his future.

"I'd be disappointed. Very much so," said Salavantis, who also served as an assistant couch with the club from 1985 to 1990. "I want to do it but it's up to them whether they want me to do it."

I’ve hated the Switch From 900 to 1150

If coach is not back for a another season it a reason Not to listen.

900 had done games for years and did a great Job

1150 was awful last year

I am all for giving them another shot but I hope Coach is back.

Just coming across this now. that's too bad I really liked Andy's call. Waaaay more energy than rick and his call added a lot i thought to coach sal. coach sal knows his stuff obviously but he's so low key it was good to have a more energetic voice! :rockin:

TSN 1150's coverage was FAR superior to anything that CHML put on the air for the last several years…the amateur hour!

Coach Sal is awesome. I agree, Marshall Ferguson should get consideration, but there are other TSN personalities that could get a shot as well.

The loss of an announcer I can handle, but Coach Sal's football savvy is irreplaceabl.

8) Nobody could ever replace the best colour man in TiCat history.......the one and only Vince Mazza !!! :rockin:
   For those of you who were alive and remember him !!!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

   The next guy up would have to be John Michiluck !!

I remember both of these guys as players turned announcers.

I loved them both and knew Mazza personally. While I agree that

Vince was better than Michiluck, in my opinion, neither of these two

were better "analysts " than Coach Sal.

I must admit, without even trying, Mazza's lack of command of the

English language was hilarios. :smiley: