Cats put Freshman Alabama QB on neg list

Very interesting with ties to June Jones and even Masoli. Would be cool to have the Hawaiian connection between coach, QB, and QB apprentice.

We are looking at possibily three years down the road, assuming the guy doesn't continue to shine and thereby earn at least a looksee and a cup of coffee at an NFL camp? With that time-line, Jones and Masoli may well be gone, especially given Jones' age. But never hurts to dream, eh?

Dick Lebeau is 80 years old and Wade Phillips is 70 . They're both still coaching in the NFL with the Titanics and theBig Horn Sheep .June Jones is a mere pup at 64 . :wink: :wink: :wink: He's got lots of years left !

Pat Lynch (the really old guy)

The TiCats seem to have the CFL's most talked-about neg list, these days. Here's another interesting player, on it, who could be another Ted. He wears Laurent's #97 and his team is called the Tigers at Fort Hays State U. in Kansas.

Shepherd will also play in the Senior Bowl @ Mobile a week later, which I think will be available on CDN TV (The NFL Network).

He seems like a natural to me.
a Tiger and used to wearing black and gold.

Wouldn't a Canadian playing college ball be draft eligible?

Read the article. I believe it explains that when he was draft eligable he did not get drafted. Went back to school. He is then a free agent and can be added to your neg list.

YUP, any National that does not get drafted in his CFL draft year is neg list eligible.

IIRC, Hamilton did a similar thing with John Delahunt. He was not selected in his draft year and the TiCats put him on their neg list while he finished up @ UConn.

Good memory Fender!