'Cats Playoff History At The Big O

Just a fun little fact about the Tiger-Cats playoff history at Olympic Stadium. The 'Cats have never won a playoff game at the Big O. I'd say that they are due.

X2 INDEED! LOL We shall see, my friend!

Oski Wee Wee,


That stat would seem a lot more daunting if "never" was more than 2 games.

Well let's say 3 games as Grey Cup 1985 is also a part of the playoffs.

What is so "fun" about that fact? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ok sure, that one got by me.

But how about a funner fact.

The Ticats have a 1 game playoff winning streak in Montreal. Thank you Joe Hagins.

I can think of one or two "fans" who might think this fun. One in particular who, after our loss to the blews, posted a message containing only a " :lol: ". With fans like that, who needs enemas? (A reference to one of his other posts.)

The place will be half empty after last nights display.

Absolutely, cause, who wants to sit through them spanking the 'Cats yet again?

Since I have not traveled in about 2.5 years I decided to fly to Montreal next weekend and go to this game. I will finally see if the Big O truly is as bad as some say. My girlfriend hates football but has wanted to go to Montreal for 3-4 years now.

I REALLY hope the Cats can finally win a big game for the first time in a decade. If they aren't due now they may never be. As good as a couple of the wins were this season the team still hasn't had a true statement game in 2011. Most teams have at least 1-2 games per year where everything goes smooth and they simply dominate. Even the couple blowout score wins were still loaded with errors.

Joe Hagins - third down gamble hero at Molson stadium (1998?) Too bad health forced him out of football the following year.

Wonder why that playoff game in 2009 wasn’t at “The Big O”?

Um, I assume you mean 1999.... and the Als didn't start playing playoff games back at the Big Owe until a few years later, maybe 2002 or 2003.
I guess in '99 they were still building demand... or it just hadn't occurred to them yet.

It was in November 1997 that the Als started playing at Percival Molson Stadium. And they didn't start playing playoff games at the Olympic Stadium again for years after that. I think the four figure attendances they were getting at the Big Owe made it so that they wouldn't want to go near that stadium again for a long time. But then I suppose they realized there was enough demand for tickets for playoff games shortly after that to have playoff games at the Big Owe.

So the last time the Ticats played a playoff game in Montreal, they won. But the last time they played a playoff game at the Big Owe, it was a 22-11 loss in the EDSF game. The year was 1996. Our starting QB was a young guy named Anthony Calvillo who was believed by some to be the future of the team, and he was the backup that year until Matt Dunigan's career-ending injury. And here we are 15 years later. Calvillo, as we all know, turned out being the future QB for the other team. And the attendance at the Big Owe for the 2011 EDSF game will likely be much larger than it was for the 1996 EDSF game.

Due to lose again

No one cares what a fair weather fan thinks. If you’re dropping the team then you need to drop the forum also.

Go make another video where you yell at your webcam and then rip your headset off. That was hilarious.