Cats on the prowl for Thelwell

Ken "Jeepers Creepers" Peters read the situation well about
the likelihood of the Cats losing Ryan Thelwell to Calgary.

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but he sure blew it reading the depth charts from last year.

"Hamilton has unloaded three of their starters
from last season in Jason Goss, D.J. Flick
and Wayne Smith as the rebuilding continues."

Terry Vaughn, Kamau Peterson and Devonte Peterson
Craig Yeast and Airbin Justin. What about them?


This end note creeps me out.

'Desjardins confirmed the Cats are being approached
by other clubs seeking possible starters.

If Desjardins gets a hint from our players that they really want out of here, he is accomodating them and good on ya Marcel is all I have to say.
Also, in my opinion, Thelwell isn't worth the $115,000 I think it is the Stamps are going to pay him.

Stamps have so many receivers...they are going to have to release one or two of them.

Look for one of these 3 to be released. Thurmon, Rambo or Copeland. All three could help us.