Cats on course to break defensive and non-offensive TD recor

The record is held by the 87 Lions with 11 and 15 respectively.

On pace for 24.75 Defensive & Special Teams TD's Total at an average of 1.375 per game thus far in 2015.

With 11 in the books already, 8 Defensive & 3 on ST's, they only need 4 to tie & 5 to break over next 10 games. That's only 1 Defensive OR Return touchdown EVERY OTHER game.

I think they'll break the record and may shatter it and put well out of reach.

There is also the record for most interception returns for TDs which is 7 owned by the 2006 Toronto Argonauts.

The Cats currently have 6 interception return TDs, 8 defensive TDs, 4 special teams TDs for a total 12 non-offensive TDs in 8 games.

If Brandon Banks gets a few more punt return TDs, we can also talk about special teams records. I believe the record is 5 punt returns for TD held by Gizmo Williams.